What Kinds Of Personal Finance Software Are Available?

There seem to be a million kinds of personal finance software available on the market. If you go to your local electronics retailer, you’ll find the personal finance software section of the store seems filled with choices. It’s hard to know what each software package offers and which one is best for you. Frankly, it’s hard to review all the home budget software and small-business software out there, so I’ll stick with the biggest and most well-known personal finance software types on the market.

  • Quicken Starter Edition – “Quicken” is one of the best-known finance software products ont he market, so we might as well start there. Quicken has an average price ($29.99) and allows people to handle bills & expenses, accounting data, banking, tax options, personal investing, budget expenses, cash flow exports and all kinds of financial calculators. Quicken is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.
  • Microsoft Money Essentials – “Money Essentials” comes at a cheaper price ($19.99). Like the name implies, this software product doesn’t do quite as much as Quicken does, such as bill payments and tax reports. Essentials also doesn’t offer phone support or email support, while it does not work with Windows 2000. The “personal investing” support is first rate, though, probably better than Quicken’s version of investing support.
  • MoneyDance – “Moneydance” from Reilly Technologies is another one of the best options, though it costs more at $39.99. One huge advantage for Linux or Mac users is that Moneydance is compatible not only with Windows Products (Vista, XP, 2000), but with Apple Mac and Linux computers. The security is the best of all personal finance software security (with the possible exception of AceMoney) and their personal investing support is at the elite level. If you are looking for tax options, I would look elsewhere, though. Otherwise, Moneydance, though a little more expensive, is perhaps my favorite selection.
  • AceMoney – “Acemoney” is a product of MechCAD is a user-friendly software product which allows you a great overview of the your personal finances all at once, which is a novel feature. AceMoney doesn’t support Linux or Macintosh, but it supports everything Microsoft: Vista, XP, 2000, 98, ME and NT. AceMoney has an average price. It doesn’t do tax reports, net worth reports or personal investing records, and you can’t export its files to pdf. But AceMoney is one of the best choices on the market and definitely the best choice if you are using an older model Microsoft personal computer.
  • personal-finance-software
    BankTree Personal
    – “Bank Tree Personal” costs a lot more than the others listed in this article ($51.99), but it offers a solid personal finance software package across the board (except for tax options, which it doesn’t handle). Like all the other softwares in this review, the software is easy to install and use, which is a huge factor with me. You’ll find that Banktree offers reporting, banking & billing reports and financial calculators the equal of most other products on this page. BankTree Personal software does not handle Mac, Linux or Windows NT, but handles every other personal computer mentioned on this page.

Personal Finance Software Products

There are other personal finance software products on the market right now, too, such as “Account Xpress”, “RichOrPoor”, “Home Bookkeeping”, “Budget Express” and “iCash”. In fact, I personally counted 45 different types of personal finance software on the market, while there are 21 “free and open source software” types. That is, bookkeeping software you can download for free. There are also more specific finance software products, such as personal tax software like “TurboTax Deluxe” and “H&R Block TaxCut 2008”.

So there are all kinds of personal finance software available for sale or free downloads, though you probably will be able to find a good software product for you among those five.