Pet Questions & Answers

Many families often grow so fond of their pets that they become like an additional family member. In order to help you provide the best animal care for your pets we’ve put together this “Pets Questions & Answers” section that’s filled with pet tips and pet advice.

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Pet Tips

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Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?


One of the most frequently asked questions by pet owners is “Why do dogs eat grass?” It’s a valid query, as almost all of the 400 million dogs on the planet seem to crave the green substance from time to time.

What Is a Pet Health Plan?

Many people don’t ever consider purchasing a health plan for their pet. They believe the rumors that pet health plans are too expensive, that pets don’t need a health plan until they’re older…

Where Can I Get Organic Cat Food?

If you have made the switch to organic, have you considered what you are feeding your cat? Do you even know that you can get organic cat food?  Well, you can, and it is widely available, albeit at a hefty price.

How Do I Stop a Dog
from Barking?

A dog that will not stop barking, no matter how cute and adorable it may be, can quickly become a nuisance. Not only will it drive you crazy but it can be a problem for the entire neighborhood.

What Do You Feed a Baby Bird?

Anyone experienced with birds can tell you that baby birds are delicate. Not only are they fragile to hold but require very specific care. You have the have the right conditions and the right food.

How Do I Grieve My Dead Cat?

When you have had a pet for a large portion of your life, your pet comes to seem like members of the family. So it’s no shame and no surprise that you’re still grieving for your cat a month after it has passed on.

What Is a Responsible Dog Owner?

They are man’s best friend. They give us joy, never criticize us, and are always eager for a scratch behind the ears. Dogs can bring a lot of love to a household.

Is It Legal to Bury Your Dog or Cat in Your Backyard?

Family pets for most people are no different than any other member of the family. You spend time with them, feed them, groom them, and play with them.

Where Can I Find Pet Pictures?

We’re lucky to have so many of our member submit pictures of their pets. Below are two of our favorite pet pictures, to find more check out our Pets Photos sections.


Gus The Curios Guinea Pig


Roscoe The Parrot