Where Can I Get Organic Cat Food?

If you have made the switch to organic, have you considered what you are feeding your cat? Do you even know that you can get organic cat food?  Well, you can, and it is widely available, albeit at a hefty price. If you want to take the very best care of your furry little pal, look at organic cat food.

As more families go organic to avoid the effects of pesticides in food, many of these families have also decided that Fluffy should have the same benefits. One of the nice things about going organic for your cat is that many brands are made by small companies and supporting local economies.

You can buy organic cat food at many natural and organic food stores and online, or you can make your own organic cat food from the foods you already buy. Your best bet is to investigate the brands of cat food available and decide which one will benefit your lifestyle and your cat most. It may be that buying organic cat food is a convenience and not a necessity. You may prefer to make it yourself if your cat prefers wet food.

Dry or Wet Organic Cat Food


Newman’s Own is the big kahuna of organic cat food. Paul Newman’s daughter, Nell Newman runs the operation that produces both dog and cat food from human-grade organically grown ingredients. The company makes both dry and wet cat food varieties. Newman’s Own is known for its generous charitable contributions and high-quality foods.

By Nature organic cat food comes in wet and dry varieties. The company is owned by Blue Seal, a huge company that makes feed for all kinds of household and farm animals. The brand contains no meat by-products, by-product meal, white rice, brewers’ grains, grain by-products and no artificial flavors, preservatives or colors.

Organix is a brand made by Castor and Pollux that comes in both dry and wet food. The manufacturer is a family-owned company from Oregon. They offer the widest variety of organic cat foods and products, including organic catnip toys.  They also run the Pet & Soul Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering strong bonds between pets and people, while bettering the community.

Evangers makes wet canned cat food from locally grown and purchased ingredients. It is a small company located in Illinois. In business since 1935, Evanger’s founder, Fred Evanger, raised champion Great Danes.  He began canning his own dog food out of frustration over the poor quality kibble offered by pet manufacturers during his time.

Dry Organic Cat Foods

Blue organics makes only dry cat food. They boast the finest organic ingredients, plus the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Nature’s Planet offers dry organic cat food and is an offshoot of the monstrous Mars food conglomerate.

How to Make Organic Cat Food Yourself

While you can make organic cat food, rather than buying it, homemade pet food is not for everyone. People who take the time to cook for their pets will do it for one of three reasons. First, their cat may turn her nose up at store-bought foods. Second, even some organic brands suffered from the melamine-contaminated recalls, making some concerned about what is the pet food. Finally, some just love spoiling “wittle muffy-kins” to death. The nice thing about making homemade organic cat food is that most people have all the necessary ingredients right at home.

To make your own cat food, you will need a blender, plus some storage containers to keep uneaten food. This recipe should feed your cat for a week. Cats do not need very many carbohydrates so the meal is primarily protein. The ingredient list is simple: 2.5 hard-boiled eggs, 20 oz tuna and 5 tablespoons olive oil, all from organic sources.

Before mixing the food, you will need to poach the tuna to kill any harmful bacteria that may be present.  You can do this by bringing 3 cups of water to boil in a saucepan.  Check the water temperature to be sure it is about 180 degrees F. Add the tuna, allowing the water to cover it completely. Poach the tuna for six minutes. Check for any remaining bones before adding the tuna to your blender along with the eggs and olive oil. Blend well, scraping the sides occasionally, for one or two minutes.

You can consider some alterations to this recipe, but make sure you check with your veterinarian first. You can use meats like ground turkey, chicken, beef and organ meats by grinding them in a meat grinder before adding to the food processor.

Even if you make your own wet cat food, you may want to consider buying a small amount of kibble to leave in the bowl for snacking. This offers your cat the optimal variety of flavors and textures, letting you spoil her to your heart’s content.