Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Whether you have just started dating or you have been in a monogamous relationship for a long time, you should continue to take an interest in your significant other. Even if you think you know your boyfriend pretty well, there are questions you can ask to deepen the relationship even more. For those in new relationships, questions are a great way to spark conversation. If you have just begun dating someone new, now is an exciting time to learn all about him. These questions to ask your boyfriend help you take an interest in his life, open the lines of communication, and if you haven’t already, determine if he is the one for you.

20 Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

At the start of a new relationship you should be eager to learn more about someone. Part of the fun of dating someone new is discovering who he is and what makes him tick. If you are curious, but you are not sure where to start when it comes to getting to know a new guy, consider these 20 questions to ask your boyfriend:

  • What is your favorite food?
  • What do you do for a living?
  • What do you love/hate about your job?
  • Do you have any pets?
  • Do you live near your family?
  • Have you always lived in this area?
  • What is your favorite book?
  • Do you consider yourself an active person?
  • What do you like to do for fun?
  • What is your dream vacation destination?
  • What was your favorite subject in school?
  • What do you consider an important trait for someone you are dating?
  • Do you have any romantic “deal breakers”?
  • Where would you choose if you could live anywhere in the world?
  • What is your favorite television show?
  • What is your favorite song/musical artist?
  • What do you consider your biggest quirk?
  • Would you rather visit an art museum or a sporting event?
  • What is your least favorite household chore?
  • Would you rather be rich or famous, if you had to choose only one?

Each of these questions is designed to reveal something about your boyfriend without going overboard with emotional prying. The questions can lead to fun conversations that further discuss personal history and emotions, but they do not have to if your relationship is new. If you have just begun dating someone, ask a question or two each time you talk to him and you will soon know plenty about his likes and dislikes. If you are planning a first date with someone new, remember a few of these questions to ask when there is a lull in conversation. These questions work well to loosen people up and get conversation flowing.

Serious Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Once you are a in a committed relationship and moving forward toward bigger things, such as living together or marriage, there are a number of issues you need to address. If you have not already, take time to discuss some of the common topics that pull couples apart. Before making a stronger commitment, you need to know the two of you are on the same page. Some serious questions to ask your boyfriend include:

  • Do you have several casual friends or a few close friends? Are they good guys? Are you friends with any girls? Can I meet your friends?
  • Are you close to your family? Are there any issues I should know about? Does your family express their opinions or keep them bottled up? Do they participate in your life or are they more hands-off?
  • What is your religion? Is religion important to you? Do you have any thoughts on raising your children in a certain religion?
  • Where do you stand on political issues? Are political issues important to you? Are you willing to accept people with different views from your own?

For some people these are pretty intense questions, so you should put aside time to discuss them without distraction. You should also focus on one topic at a time. If you bombard your boyfriend with every one of these questions all at once, it will be overwhelming and could lead to an argument.

Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend when You are Bored

Asking questions when there is nothing better to do is a lot of fun. It can get couples talking about different topics and reveal new things they did not already know about one another. Some fun questions to ask your boyfriend when you are bored include:

  • Who is your celebrity dream date?
  • Would you rather go surfing or sky diving?
  • What is your biggest fear?
  • Would you steal food if you were poor and a loved one needed to eat?
  • If you could be anyone in the world living or dead, who would you choose?

Sexy Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Another great thing about asking your boyfriend questions is the way it starts a conversation and brings you closer. Even if you are only discussing fun, silly things, it still connects you. If things have been dull in the bedroom and you want to spice them up, here are some sexy questions to ask your boyfriend:

  • What do you like most about my body?
  • Do you have a fantasy make-out location?
  • Do you have any secret fantasies?
  • Who is your celebrity fantasy?
  • What is the wildest thing you have ever done in the bedroom?
  • Did you ever consider yourself a player?
  • Have you ever had a one night stand?
  • What is the most romantic thing someone could do for you?
  • Would you rather give or receive a back rub?
  • What is one typically non-sexy thing you find arousing?

These questions are intimate and can bring a couple closer together, but make sure you are comfortable hearing about past experiences before asking these type of questions. Talking about past relationships and sexual encounters can bring out jealous feelings, so avoid this type of question if you think it could lead to an argument or hurt feelings. Instead, focus on future experiences or aspects of your current relationship.

What If Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

“What if” questions are a lot of fun and can really get conversations rolling if both parties are willing to answer honestly. You can even turn “what if” questions into a game with your boyfriend and take turns thinking of new questions to ask each other. Some great “what if” questions include:

  • What if we were being chased by zombies and I hurt my leg and was unable to run any more?
  • What if we found a winning lottery ticket on the side of the road?
  • What if your least favorite food was the only thing left to eat in the entire world?
  • What if we had the ability to time travel?
  • What if we somehow switched personalities?
  • What if you were offered your dream job in your least favorite location?

These questions require more than a simple answer and can end up revealing a great deal about someone. They are fun to play in groups, but can also pass the time on a date or a quiet evening at home. It can be especially fun if you are forcing the person to choose between two unpleasant responses, such as “what if you had to eat dirt or eat worms?” Chances are these questions will trigger a lot of laughs and you will have fun talking about crazy scenarios in which you need to make choices.

Whether you are in a new relationship or you have been sitting next to one another on the couch for years, asking your boyfriend questions is a lot of fun. Do not assume because you have been together for a long time there is nothing left to learn. People are always changing and there may be some things they have never considered about themselves until you ask. If you want to know a person better or rekindle an old spark, these are all great questions to ask your boyfriend.