Would You Rather Questions

Would You Rather Questions pit two scenarios against one another and force a person being the question to make a choice. Usually, the two choices are similar in some way. For instance, the two options might be equally dangerous, unpleasant, or gross. Would You Rather Questions might also pose two pleasant scenarios, forcing a person to choose one or the other when both options are desired.

Would You Rather Questions are great for a variety of occasions. You can ask them on a date with someone you are just getting to know or you can ask them at a professional event when you are casually talking to co-workers. Would You Rather Questions are also great for friends, family members, and your significant other. You simply need to tailor the questions to suit the group or person you are asking. For instance, you would ask different Would You Rather Questions of your spouse than you would your grandmother, boss, or young relative. The next time you are planning a get together with other people, consider a few of these versions of Would You Rather Questions.

Would You Rather Questions about People

Questions about people are some of the best Would You Rather Questions out there. Most questions focus on famous people, but you can ask about people you know. If you have a group of friends that are particularly comfortable with one another, you can ask Would You Rather Questions about people in the room. In general, Would You Rather Questions about people focus on celebrities, well-known people, and historical figures. Some examples of Would You Rather Questions about people include:

  • Would you rather have dinner with Jesus or the President?
  • Would you rather spend an evening with Joan Crawford or Elizabeth Taylor?
  • Would you rather be adopted by Angelina Jolie or Madonna?
  • Would you rather run into Jack the Ripper or the Boston Strangler alone at night?
  • Would you rather attend a seminar taught by Mother Theresa or Gandhi?

Would You Rather Questions about Food

Most people love talking about food and it is a fairy benign topic that is appropriate for people of all ages. You can talk about food with people at work or people to whom you are very close. Would You Rather Questions about food are especially good when talking to children because the gross choices they have to make will cause them to laugh hysterically. If you are looking for a basic collection of Would You Rather Questions that will not offend anyone, consider a few of these Would You Rather Questions about food:

  • Would you rather eat bugs or dirt?
  • Would you rather eat meat you have killed or that was killed for you?
  • Would you rather eat something slimy or something fuzzy?
  • Would you rather eat moldy food or food chewed by someone else?
  • Would you rather eat food from a dirty restaurant or from a dirty kitchen in someone‚Äôs home?

Would You Rather Questions about Situations

Some of the most popular Would You Rather Questions are about situations. Asking people to choose between dangerous, perilous, or unusual circumstances makes them consider their fears and their desire for adventure. Many Would You Rather Questions about situations involve common phobias or fears. The following are a few of the most popular Would You Rather Questions about situations:

  • Would you rather have a spider or a worm crawling on you?
  • Would you rather skydive over a waterfall or hike in the Grand Canyon?
  • Would you rather go bungee jumping or swim with sharks?
  • Would you rather fly over a live volcano or sail near an iceberg?
  • Would you rather be stuck in an elevator or on top of a tall building?

Would You Rather Questions about Travel

Most people love to travel and have a list of destinations they would love to see in their lifetime. Chances are they will not have an opportunity to visit every place on their travel bucket list, so it can be interesting to hear their choices if they are faced with only two options. Would You Rather Questions about travel can include:

  • Would you rather visit Hawaii or Alaska?
  • Would you rather visit China or England?
  • Would you rather travel on the Nile or the Canals of Venice?
  • Would you rather see the Grand Canyon or the Northern Lights?
  • Would you rather tour North Korea or Cuba?

Would You Rather Questions about Death

In general, most people are uncomfortable talking about death. However, if it is discussed in an abstract manner that is more about fantasy than reality, it can actually be a fun discussion. People are often willing to entertain discussions about dramatic or heroic deaths because they know their life is unlikely to really end this way. Would You Rather Questions about death might include:

  • Would you rather die rescuing someone from a burning building or a terrible flood?
  • Would you rather be eaten by sharks or lions?
  • Would you rather die in extreme heat or extreme cold?
  • Would you rather die of poisoning or a gun shot?
  • Would you rather die falling out of a plane or hit by a train?

Embarrassing Would You Rather Questions

Embarrassing Would You Rather Questions are great for parties. Encouraging people to talk about embarrassing situations is a great way to loosen everyone up and promote laughter. If you are hosting a party, get the conversation started with embarrassing Would You Rather Questions such as:

  • Would you rather show up somewhere naked and clean, or clothed and unshowered for several days?
  • Would you rather have to speak in front of a crowd or pass gas with only two or three people near you?
  • Would you rather have your stomach rumble during a job interview or be unable to speak in the same situation?

Sexy Would You Rather Questions

Sexy Would You Rather Questions are great for parties attended by close friends, as well as when you are spending time with your significant other. You can learn a lot about your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend by asking them sexy Would You Rather Questions. Before you begin, be sure he or she is comfortable answering intimate questions and offer to answer any Would You Rather Questions that are asked in response. Some great ideas for sexy Would You Rather Questions include:

  • Would you rather make out with Lady Gaga or Katy Perry? (or Ryan Gosling or Matt Damon?)
  • Would you rather have a one night stand or committed relationship with a famous person?
  • Would you rather make out with a famous person of the same sex or someone you know that you find particularly unappealing? (You can switch this question up if you know your friend or significant other is interested in same sex partners.)
  • Would you rather never have sex again or sacrifice a limb from your body?
  • Would you rather watch your significant other engaged in an intimate act with someone else one time or only hear about the experience second-hand once a day for the rest of your life?

Turning Would You Rather Questions into a Game

The great thing about Would You Rather Questions is that it is easy to turn random questions into an organized game. You can organize the rules however you choose. Some people like to ask a question of a person in their group, and then the person who answered the question then asks a question of someone else. Some people prefer to go around in a circle and let the person to the left or right ask a question of the next person in the group. You can also organize the questions, which is especially helpful if you are playing with people who have a tough time thinking of creative questions. Before your group gathers, write down a variety of questions on slips of paper and place them in a bowl or hat. With each turn, a person must remove the question, read it aloud, and answer it. It is up to you whether each person in the group must answer or if only the person who draws the question answers.

No matter how you decide to ask Would You Rather Questions, they are a great way to get to know someone better and have a great time. The next time you host a party or need something to talk about with a friend or significant other, consider asking a few Would You Rather Questions.