eBags Coupons – Coupon Code for eBags.com

eBags Coupons – Coupon Code for eBags.com 2011

eBags.com was founded in 1998 as a web-only retailer of handbags, backpacks, and bags and accessories of all kinds. Employing nearly 100 people at their headquarters in Colorado, eBags now sells more than 600 brands of bags and accessories with a focus on purses and designer bags more than luggage, as was the company’s initial focus.

Coupon Code for eBags.com 2011

Right now, the most common coupon code for eBags.com 2011 is “EMSSCM70.” This code is good for 20% off your entire order and free shipping. This over is good no matter the size of your order. Another active code for eBags.com in 2011 is “COMJRMN,” this one good for 15% off and free shipping on orders over $50.eBags Coupons - Coupon Code for eBags.com 2011

Both of these codes can save you a substantial amount of cash on your next eBags.com order. Just enter the codes in the appropriate box at checkout and enjoy the savings.

eBags Coupons

Besides coupon codes, eBags offers coupon-style savings at their site all the time. Depending on when you shop there, you can find deals ranging from free shipping on all orders to percent off your total order. These sales are focused mainly around high retail shopping times like Christmas and “back to school,” but there’s always some kind of eBags coupon style deal available.

As for traditional coupons–since eBags.com is a web-only store, physical coupons are rare if there are any at all. Stick to coupon codes and sales for savings at eBags.com.

eBags Shopping Experience

I’ve been an eBags shopper for almost twelve years now, going back to the days when they mainly sold luggage. I graduated high school and headed off to college the first time I shopped at eBags.com, looking for a fancy backpack for tromping back and forth to classes, but got upsold on a nice pair of luggage. eBags.com’s founders were employees at Samsonite before jumping off to join the .com boom of the late 90s.

eBags.com’s luggage set sales drew me in. I got a beautiful and functional set of Lightweight Mobility luggage by Samsonite for 70% off the retail price. Those three bags accompanied me to Europe and Africa as well as on countless trips across the country, and I still use them ever time I travel.

Coupon codes for eBags.com are easy to find, easy to use, and often come with free shipping. On heavy items like purses, bags, and luggage, I find the free shipping reason enough to keep shopping at eBags.com.

eBags Backpacks

eBags has their backpack selection broken up into a dozen or so different categories, like “Kids,” “Backpacking,” “Hydration,” and “Waist and Fanny Packs.” eBags.com sells twenty different brands of backpacks, including their own eBags line consisting of convertible, school bags, and even wheeled laptop and computer storage bags.

You can also shop for eBags backpacks by color, style, and price. The wide selection of backpacks at deep discounts makes shopping for backpacks at eBags even better than hitting your local school supply or big box retail store, and using a coupon or sale promotion for free shipping makes the experience pretty pain-free.

eBags Lifetime Guarantee

I’m always surprised by the lifetime guarantee on eBags brand products, but when I broke a zipper on my eBags convertible backpack I put the “lifetime” part of the guarantee to the test. I bought the bag in 1999, pretty early in the lifespan of the eBags guarantee. A few minutes on the phone with customer service later, a replacement bag was in the mail, which I received six days later.

The guarantee is good for eBags brand products, and all I needed to get my replacement bag was the email address I used for the order and a few details about the break itself. It didn’t matter that the break was due to regular wear and tear, and the customer service rep I talked to didn’t ask any details about how I used the bag–just offered me a new model of the same bag or a gift card for the bag’s original value.

eBags Catalog

If you prefer to shop with a catalog rather than online, eBags is happy to send you a free catalog via US Mail. It’ll take a little over a week to get to your door, but the catalog is attractive, containing all the items you can find at the online store plus a handful of catalog-exclusive bags. My copy of the catalog came with two “coupons” in the form of codes to enter at the time of ordering, for “catalog customers only.”

To get your copy of the eBags catalog, just complete the Request a Catalog form at their website.

eBags Designer Purses

If you’re a designer purse or handbag fanatic, eBags now has a huge line of designer bags to choose from. Brands like BCBG, Michael Kors, Cole Haan, and kate spade are represented, with prices ranging from $39 (for an attractive silver Elaine Turner mini wallet) to $850 for a large Helen Kaminski purse.

Not all of the designer handbags are available at the usual eBags sale prices or with certain coupons, since the site makes deals with the designers and can’t always offer the same discounts as other brands, but as of this writing, designer bags from BODHI and Treesje can be purchased with your eBags coupon code or discount.