TheHipChick Coupon Codes

TheHipChick Coupon Codes 2011

TheHipChick prides itself on offering clothes worn by celebrities and fashion icons at discounted prices. When you shop around at THeHipChick, you’ll notice photos of celebrities wearing the clothing items in place of anonymous models. Not every item for sale at TheHipChick was worn by a celeb, but the ones that were are easy to pick out.

The discounted prices allow you to dress like a celeb without an A-list budget, though prices are still pretty steep. That’s where THeHipChick coupon codes and promos come into play.

2011 TheHipChick Coupon Codes

Most of the savings and deals you’ll find at TheHipChick are site-wide and don’t require coupon codes. As of this writing,TheHipChick Coupon Codes 2011

you get free shipping on all orders over $150 as well as sale prices up to 70% off on different items. Just shopping around at TheHipChick and spending more than $150 will save money on your clothes and on shipping cost.

TheHipChick releases a ton of coupon codes, and not just generic site-wide discounts. For example, the code “ChanLuu10” gets you 10 percent off all Chan Luu bracelets. It is common to find 2011 coupon codes for specific brands at TheHipChick.

You can use social media to save cash on your next shopping spree at TheHipChick. Right now, if you “like” their Facebook page and leave a comment, you’ll get a coupon offer good for $50 off your next order of $250 or more. Similar deals are available for their Twitter page and other media pages.

There are traditional coupon codes as well. In 2011, enter coupon code “20OFF” and get twenty percent off your next order, minimum purchase requirements subject to change. You can also get ten percent off select items by entering “10OFF” at checkout, though you have to look for specifically labelled sale items while shopping.

TheHipChick Brands

Well-known bigname fashion brands True Religion, Anna Sui, Christian Dior, and ZoeNYC are thrown in with more boutique names like Young, Fabulous, and Broke and Torn. When you shop by brand, you can further refine your search by price, color, and category. Pretty much every big name in their catalog has a fashion icon, famous model, or celebrity showing off the clothes. For example, if you search under “Anna Sui,” you’ll see a photo of model Keri Hilson wearing the Anna Sui Diamon dress, on sale at TheHipChick for just under $500. On sale at other retailers for twice as much, you can pick up this A-list dress for less than the price of a plane ticket to Fashion Week.

TheHipChick Celebrity Picks

Instead of crawling around the site looking randomly for photos of TheHipChick items worn by celebrity bodies, you can click the “Celebrity Picks” link at the top of the page to browse through all items they’re currently offering “as worn by” a famous person. Names like Paris Hilton, Kate Moss, Kourtney Kardashian, and Sarah Jessica Parker are thrown about, as are less-known (B-List) types like Nicole Richie and Ashley Benson. The prices on these items currently runs from $45 (for a plain white T-shirt as worn by Mary-Kate Olsen) to well over $500 for an Alice + Olivia dress worn by the aforementioned B-Lister Ashley Benson.

My TheHipChick Shopping Experience

I’m not what you’d call a fashionista, but my girlfriend is. When I wanted to get her something special for Christmas, I dug around for designer clothes at reduced prices and came across a slew of coupon codes and promos for TheHipChick. I don’t know Donna Karan from Donna Reed, but the shopping interface at TheHipChick made it easy for me to find something my girlfriend would go nuts for–a Ben Amun Gold-Plated Brass French Coin necklace worn by none other than Kate Moss. Compared to other retailers, the $298 pricetag for this item (minus 10% off with coupon and shipped for free) seems to have saved me at least a hundred bucks.

TheHipChick sells a huge line of clothes and accessories, with the focus apparently on bags, jewelry, and other accessories to turn an otherwise normal outfit into something special. Their emphasis on presenting famous people in the clothing items they sell as well as offering tons of coupons and deals shows that they’re trying to put high fashion into the hands of the regular Joe . . . or should I say Jane?