Is God Real?

Is God real? That is one of mankind’s questions that have been asked for hundreds of years. Philosophers and so-called intellectuals have theorized about the existence of a Supreme Being. Atheists and Theists have argued back and forth with their various points. Communities have been divided over the controversy about teaching either Evolution or Creation in public schools. There are so many different beliefs and opinions on whether God is real. The answer on this falls to one basic point: faith.

Faith In God

Personal faith is all we have to rely on. One can read the scriptures or listen to preachers recite stories of miracles. But that alone does not give proof to the existence of the Almighty. You have to ask yourself what do you believe? If you choose not to believe, then all the preaching in the world will not change your mind.

Faith is a frame of mind. It is the acceptance that there is something else out there besides the physical world as we know it. Faith is the acceptance that all of this that we call life was not just some big accident. No one can give you faith, not even God. It is something that you have to decide for yourself.

Why People Do Not Believe

Statistics show that most people who do not believe in God are usually intellectuals. A large percentage of professionals in the science and math fields are either atheist or agnostic (agnostic is someone who is undecided on God’s existence). Many people rely on what they can see or touch as proof of something’s existence. It is difficult to believe in something that you never see.

Other people who do not believe in God may be those who have had bad experiences in life. They have had bad luck, made wrong choices, or experienced tragedy in their life. A hard life can make one jaded and cynical which may lead you to not believe in God.

Another reason people may not believe in a Supreme Being is because of the state of the world today. There is war, poverty, disease, crime, violence, greed, adultery, and a number of other immoral or despicable acts. These are all intentional acts by man. With all of the things going wrong in the world, why doesn’t God act? Why doesn’t he take a stronger hand to help man? This lack of obvious interference is proof for many that God does not exist.

Sometimes events happen that are not intentional acts. These are accidents or natural catastrophes or tragedies. From car accidents, hurricanes, house fires, or sickness, these events can cause irreparable damage and suffering. Many people lay these problems at God’s doorstep. If he was real, why would he allow these events to take place?

With all of these problems and no obvious sign that the Almighty is actively helping, it is easy to understand why some people do not believe that He is real.

Reasons To Believe In God


Despite everything that has been mentioned, there are reasons to believe that God is real. Again, this not irrefutable, scientific proof that God does exist. You still need to have faith in order to believe. But there is very strong evidence that there is a Supreme Being.

The first clue is the universe, our world, and everything in it. Where did it come from? How did it get started? It just seems too far of a stretch that all of this exists just because of an accidental Big Bang. It is too coincidental that everything that formed has a relation to everything else. From the sun that provides light and warmth, to how the earth has an atmosphere, how the light feeds plants that give off oxygen which we breathe, how we exhale carbon dioxide which the plants breathe, to how animals (including man) co-exist in a cycle.

This is basically the debate between Creation versus Evolution. In a nutshell, Creation is the belief that God created the first man, Adam and Eve and the entire world as we know it today. Evolution is the gradual creation of life over millions of years without the benefit of God as the creator. Most people of faith believe in creation while most atheists believe in Evolution.

Believing in God does not mean that you have to believe in one or the other. You can believe in God without believing in Creation. Remember, every major religion in the world has a myth or story involving the creation of the world. Why should Christianity be any different?

The same goes for Evolution. You can believe in Evolution and still believe in God. How could such a complex system such as life come into existence without the aid of a creator? Life is too varied, balanced and delicate to work otherwise.

Besides our universe, there are other clues to the existence of God. One such clue is the universal code of morals. No matter what society you live in, anywhere across the world, you will find that people hold the same set of values. For instance, love is a base emotion found everywhere. Everyone is capable of loving someone, no matter the difference of cultures.

Another shared value is that lying is deemed to be poor behavior and is generally condemned. In some cultures, lying is one of the worst immoral acts someone can commit. Adultery is another shared immoral value. A man may have several wives in some cultures but to sleep with another man’s wife is a condemning act. These moral codes can be found everywhere, even in cultures that have never interacted with one another.

Finally, and most important, the evidence for the existence of God can be found in the Bible and the life of Jesus. Besides being “the Word of God” the Bible is also a history book that talks of events both before and after the coming of Jesus. While there have been many prophets throughout history who have spread the word of God, none claimed to actually be the Son of God. The Bible speaks of Jesus’ many miracles that he performed and his acts of kindness, all in the name of God. The final miracle was his rebirth three days after his crucifixion.

Most historians agree that Jesus did in fact exist, even if they cannot agree on whether his miracles were genuine. This is where faith comes into play. According to the Bible, there were witnesses to Jesus’ miracles, all which were documented in the Bible. It is easy to dismiss such acts while reading. It is not like you can find someone who was there and interview them. These stories occurred so long ago that they have become close to myth. You have to take it on faith in order to believe.


There will always be skeptics and nonbelievers who will not believe in God. This is a debate that will likely continue for the duration of time. Like every controversial topic, you will always find those who are for it and those who are against it. Believing in the existence of God comes down to a personal matter.

If you are not sure about whether God is real, try sitting down and praying. If you are having problems that you are unsure how to deal with, ask God for help. Be sincere when you pray and don’t ask for selfish things such as a million dollars. Don’t ask for a blazing sign in the sky heralding his existence. God does not work that way. He works in subtle ways and the help he gives is not always what you want. But it may turn out to be the help you need.