How Do You Build A Soccer Goal?

To build a soccer goal, you’ll need a specific list of materials. If you intend on building a regulation soccer goal, then you will need enough material to build a 24 ft. by 8 ft. soccer goal. You’ll also need a soccer net and the materials to erect the soccer goal. Let’s start with the list of materials you need.

Soccer Goal Building Materials

Here’s a list of soccer goal building materials.

  • Post Hole Digger
  • Enough 4×4 material (steel tubing, aluminum, or PVC tubing works best) for the two vertical bars
  • Enough 2×4 material for the cross bars. This should be the same materials as the vertical bars.
  • Enough material for the goal platform and backstays, which give the soccer goal stability and allow you to drape a net over the frame of the soccer goal. These poles can be smaller than the vertical bars and cross bar.
  • Tape Measure
  • Concrete Mixture
  • Trowel or Shovel to Manipulate Concrete
  • Bucket or Wheelbarrow to Hold Concrete Mix
  • FIFA regulation soccer netting
  • String for tying the soccer net to the post
  • Stepladder

Step-By-Step Soccer Goal Construction


Here are some instructions for step-by-step soccer goal construction.

  1. To begin with, you will need to take the post-hole digger and dig two holes 24 feet apart in which to place your two vertical bars. These holes should be large enough to fit a 4×4 post, but they must not be too large, or the soccer goal will be unstable. The hole should go about to somewhere between 20 inches deep to 36 inches deep. 20-24″ should be deep enough for most cases, but go 3 feet deep if you’re placing the soccer goal on unstable ground.
  2. Mix in concrete and pour it into both post holes. Stand the vertical posts into the holes. Remember to measure the depth of the holes with a tape measure and make certain that each hole is the same depth, so the posts will stand the same height once they are in the hole. Make certain the posts will stand up exactly 8′ tall apiece.
  3. Wait two days for the concrete to harden. Once you have both vertical posts standing upright, fasten the horizontal bar (the cross bar) onto the top of the vertical posts with elbow joints at either end.
  4. Create a platform base by fastening two smaller (diameter) poles to the vertical poles. This will create a more stable base. Then place backstays on the back end of the soccer goal. You’ll be able to hang a net on the backstays, so you’re soccer goal will catch the soccer ball when it is scored.

Soccer Goal With Wooden Poles?

If you want to build a soccer goal with wooden poles, buy 4×4 wood. Place the wooden posts in the post-hole, nail the vertical posts to the horizontal posts.