How Do You Plan A Golf Trip?

Planning a golf trip is harder than just selecting a decent hotel near a good golf course, then setting a tee time and golfing every day at that course. A successful golf trip often includes playing golf at multiple courses in the same area. It might involve brushing up on your golf game by hiring a golf instructor or even attending a golf school. Whatever expectations you have for your golf trip, a golf vacation has to be well-planned to meet those expectations.

Planning A Golf Trip

So here are some factors you need to keep in mind when planning a golf trip.

  1. Pick a Destination – Find the perfect spot for a golf vacation. Check out a full list of golf destinations before you start booking rooms and tee times. You’ll need to find a list of golf courses in your price range and that are worth the trip expenses. You’ll also have to choose a golf destination which is “in season” when you visit and has the kind of hotel and resort facilities you want. Of course, you will want to find golf trips that are in your financial comfort zone, so planning your next golf trip is more difficult than it sounds.
  2. Keep It Tight – Select a place with a high concentration of great vacation golf courses. Select a vacation area with enough golf course density that you can play different golf courses each day and still play memorable courses. Take the Pebble Beach area, for instance. You probably think of Pebble Beach as the famous golf course where the U.S. Open Golf Tournament is played every few years. But the Pebble Beach Resort is actually four golf courses, while the Pebble Beach area has some 25 different golf links. Golf Magazine voted Pebble Beach the number one golf destination in the country a couple of years ago.

    That’s not the only solid golf destination, though. If Pebble Beach is a little too pricey for you, take a look at the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Alabama. The R.T. Jones Golf Trail has 25 golf courses of its own (468 golf holes in all), and people plan golf vacations throughout the countryside of Alabama every year. Once again, Pebble Beach and RT Jones Golf Trail are only two options.

  3. plan-golf-trips
    Book Your Trip Early
    – The sooner you know where you want to go, the cheaper it is to book flights, reserve hotel rooms, rent cars and set up tee times at the courses of your choice. Another big advantage of booking early is you make certain everything is available. If you wait until the last minute, you might find out the lynch pin of your golf vacation is overbooked and unavailable.
  4. Keep An Eye On The Weather – Since you’re going to be making plans months in advance, this can be overstated. You’re playing around with odds here, though, so study the weather patterns of the region you’re going to be golfing in. Don’t plan a trip during the rainy season or the cold months, because you’re just setting yourself up for a big disappointment. If you plan a great golfing vacation and you get a lot of off-season rain, that’s just bad luck. But don’t make your own bad luck with bad planning.
  5. Make Plans For the Family – Take into consideration the needs and wants of those you will traveling with. If the plan is a family vacation where you get to play a lot of golf during the day, make certain the family has a full vacation plan, too. Not only is it rude to let the family sit around the hotel room while you golf, but if your family is waiting on you, you’ll end up playing less golf or bringing along one or two non-golfers on your golf trip. So planning for everyone else is both selfless and self-serving.
  6. Choose the Right Golf Partner – Along those same lines, if you are taking a golf buddy or two along with you, make certain you choose the right golf partners. You want people with the same general expectations from their golf trip. These people should have a similar level of skill and a similar passion for golf. For instance, if you want a nice, relaxing golf trip with a laid-back approach to golf, you don’t want a hard-charger who wants to fit in 54 holes of golf per day. At the same time, if you enjoy 36 holes of golf per day on your golf trip, you don’t want to take golfers who want 18 holes and then head to the 19th hole.

Nothing ruins a vacation quicker than bad company. So when you plan your next golf trip, make sure you get not only the right golf destination, but also the right fellow golf travelers.