How Do You Scalp Sports Tickets Safely?

If you’re trying to sell your tickets, try selling them to friends and family before you move on. When you scalp tickets to those you know, you won’t have to scalp tickets outside a stadium to who knows whom. You won’t make as much money this way, but you won’t get busted for a crime and you won’t put yourself in danger.

Scalping Safely At Work & Classifieds

Post A Note at Work – If your office has a bulletin board, place a note on it stating you have event tickets and you want to sell them. Since you don’t have friendly attachments to many co-workers, you’ll probably feel comfortable asking for more money for your scalped tickets.

Place an Ad in the Classifieds – For really big games or concerts, do it the old-fashioned way. Place an advertisement in the local newspaper that you’re selling tickets. You’re sure to get plenty of attention this way.

Scalp Sports Tickets Online

Place an Online Ad – Even better, post an ad on a big online forum like Craigs List. This will get you noticed by a much larger demographic than the local publications will. Of course, local ads reach people within driving distance, but these people will also be searching the internet for tickets, too.


Post On An Online Forum – Go to a fan message board for the event you’re selling the tickets to. If you have tickets to the Chicago Bears @ New York Giants, go to a Giants message board and post that you have tickets to sell. You might occasionally have someone calling you a spammer (which you won’t be), but never mind that. There will be New Yorkers will to pay big money.

If you have tickets to a concert, go to a fan forum for the band in question. Search the forum for fans looking for tickets and reply. If you can’t find people who want tickets, then post your request for interest in buying tickets.

Try Stubhub – Probably the best place to scalp tickets safely is Many people think of Stubhub as a place you can buy tickets to events, but Stubhub has a function for people to sell their tickets online. All you have to do is post the tickets you have to scalp and how much you want for them. If someone is willing to buy, they buy them. Stubhub requires you to register and give them your credit card information, but Stubhub! is a huge company with top-rate security procedures, so you don’t have to worry about giving out your information. Just register at Stubhub and start scalping your tickets.