How Do You Wash Soccer Uniforms?

Soccer jerseys are expensive, so you don’t want to replace soccer equipment in the middle of the season. So moms and dads need to learn how to wash soccer uniforms properly, to avoid placing more wear and tear on the uniform than their kids already do.

Soccer coaches and soccer trainers have to take more care than parents do. They might have to replace a dozen or more soccer uniforms if not properly cared for, and they are likely to have one parent every season ask about washing instruction for soccer uniforms. Soccer coaches are usually worrying more about offside calls and defensive alignments than washing soccer jerseys, so I’ve made a guide for washing soccer uniforms you can print off and give to parents on your soccer team.

Basic Rules to Washing Soccer Uniforms

Here are some basic rules to washing soccer uniforms.

Read the Instructions – First off, read the specific instructions on the soccer uniforms. often, there will be special washing or drying instructions on the hang tags of jerseys, so make certain you read these and make sure to follow whatever instructions you read.

Wash Soccer Uniforms Promptly – Soccer uniforms are going to be sweaty and dirty, so don’t leave them lying around the utility room for a couple of days before washing them. This will let mold and mildew set in. This isn’t good for your soccer jersey, and certainly isn’t good for the smells in your house. If you don’t launder jerseys promptly, stains can set in that you won’t be able to get out later.

Don’t Leave in Gym Bags – Once again, you don’t want the mildew that comes from leaving a wet soccer uniform in a gym bag for a couple of days. While you’ll probably be able to wash out the nastiness from your soccer clothes, you’ll end up carrying these clothes around in a mildewed bag, which means you’re going to smell awful when you’re in those clothes.

How To Wash Soccer Jerseys With Stains


Pretreat Stains – Treat a stain before you wash it. Tough stains often set in after you wash it. The best idea is to spray and treat the stain prior to any washing (usually as soon as possible). Consider store-bought stain removers, seltzer or baking soda when trying to remove stains.

Wash Inside Out – One of the quickest ways for soccer uniforms to start looking prematurely old is to have the jersey number monograms and logo symbols start to peal off or break off. Soccer jerseys should be turned inside out when you wash them. This saves wear and team on the monogrammed numbers and letters, and preserve the longevity of your soccer uniforms.

Hang Jerseys Up Immediately – If you want to save time on ironing soccer uniforms, hang them up immediately out of the wash. If you do hang them up promptly, soccer jerseys are made where you don’t have to iron them. If you fail to hang up soccer uniforms quickly and they get wrinkles, look at the ironing instructions and follow them.

Don’t Iron Numbers, Letters and Logos – Don’t iron the monogram parts of your soccer jerseys. The heat tends to break down not only the letters and numbers, but often breaks down the adhesive which is holding these non-cloth parts onto the soccer uniform.