How Much Do Baseball Tickets Cost?

The price of baseball tickets vary wildly in price. You can spend outrageous amounts on baseball tickets, if you want the premium seats on the premium levels. But baseball has the cheapest tickets in the major sports world, too, if you don’t mind seats in the outfield.

Price Of Baseball Tickets

Also, the price of baseball tickets fluctuates from one baseball market to the next. New York Yankees tickets cost a whole lot more than Kansas City Royal or Pittsburgh Pirates tickets, because it’s a team full of superstars with a huge payroll to meet and the cost of living in New York City is way higher than it is in most other U.S. cities. The Yankees have just built a New Yankee Stadium and the box seats go for outrageous prices, such as $60,000 for one game in certain instances.

What Baseball Tickets Cost

So let’s go around the American League and National League cities and see what baseball tickets cost and compare prices. Since some of these tickets are hard to get a hand on, I’ll go to Stubhub and compare prices there. Note that these tickets will cost more than the cover price of these tickets, so if you walk up and buy a ticket in most Major League Baseball cities, you’ll be able to get lower-priced tickets.

How Much Do Baseball Tickets Cost In Chicago?

As you can see, the prices range from one team to the next and from one day to the next, since there are certain days when the demand for tickets is higher. Rivalry games always cost more. Games against the worst teams cost less. The high end tickets in the best seats tend to cost the same from one game to the next, because these are usually for corporate types or the wealthy, and price is generally not an object.

Ticket Type – Lowest Price – Highest Price

  • Cincinnati Reds – $9 – $999
  • Colorado Rockies – $13 – $999
  • L.A. Dodgers – $53 – $999
  • Milwaukee Brewers (4th of July) – $65 – $999
  • St. Louis Cardinals (July 11) – $85 – $999
  • Season Tickets – $3,225 – $25,000

How Much Do Baseball Tickets Cost In Kansas City?


The Kansas City Royals have been a lower-tier teams throughout the 1990’s and 2000’s, so they cannot charge the price for tickets the Yankees or even the Cubs can charge. Their fans can’t scalp their tickets for as much of a price, either. In fact, Royals season ticket packages aren’t even being sold on StubHub, which I can only imagine is because you can buy them cheaper directly from the Kansas City Royals front office. There just isn’t a demand for them in the online market.

Ticket Type – Lowest Price – Highest Price

  • Detroit Tigers – $10 – $88
  • Boston Red Sox – $20 – $549
  • New York Yankees – $67 – $1,099
  • Season Tickets – Not Listed

How Much Do Baseball Tickets Cost In New York City?

Notice that Yankees fans can become season-ticket holders for less money than Chicago Cubs fans, because the New York Yankees pride themselves on their passionate fans.

Ticket Type – Lowest Price – Highest Price

  • Season Tickets – $1,900 – $40,999
  • Oakland A’s (April) – $9 – $10,000-99,999
  • Boston Red Sox (August) – $89 – $50,000-99,999
  • Cleveland Indians – $268 – $99,999

Looking at these prices, I guess we can see how the New York Yankees can spend $200 million on payroll every year, while teams like the Royals might spend something like 1/7th as much. When you consider that the television money disparity is even greater, you’ll see why the Bronx Bombers have such a competitive advantage over their other competitors. That’s probably why Yankees fans are so upset that their can’t seem to win the World Series anymore, despite having a huge advantage over every other team in the league – even the hated Boston Red Sox, for that matter.