What Are “Pump Paintball Guns”?

When you think of a pump paintball gun, you probably are thinking of the semi-auto paintball guns that shoot a steady stream of paintballs at your enemy. These guns are generally called “paintball markers”, and they use some kind of expanding gas (usually carbon dioxide or compressed nitrogen) to propel paintballs. “Paintball marker” was a politically correct term invented to replace “paintball gun”, because paintballers want people to know they are actually just marking people up, and not violently shooting them. These guns are fast (30 paintballs per second in competition) and have electronic firing systems.

“Pump paintball guns” are the original paintball guns, though. You won’t find these sold in most stores in your local area. In fact, you’re probably better off searching for pump paintball guns online and buying them over the internet from hard-core paintball fans and specialty stores.

Using Pump Paintball Markers

Pump paintball guns aren’t just for old-timers. Pump paintball guns (that aren’t for older players) aren’t just for people who can’t afford the newer paintball models. Some people enjoy using pump paintball markers for the challenge they offer to the paintball shooter. These guys love to show up at a paintball game with their old-pump action paintball gun, get the looks from all the kids with their semi-auto and electric paint guns, then shoot these doubters down with their old-style paintball gun. Here’s what makes the pump paintball gun a bigger challenge for paintball hobbyists.

  • pump-paintball-guns
    Honing Your Skills
    – The pump paintball gun can’t cover your weaknesses with a high fire rate. You have to hone your skills when using the single-shot pump action paintball machine, so your skills are going to improve as you focus more on each shot. When you start using the electric paintball gun the next time, these skills should translate to your electric paintball game.
  • Nostalgia – Not only does the pump paintball gun let you get back to basics, but it lets you get back to the roots of the game. If everyone uses the same pump paintball weapon, you’ll be playing the game as it was originally imagined and originally played. For those older players, you get to recapture some of the magic of the early days of paintball, reliving your childhood a little bit. For the younger players, you have to show off your true skill without a machine doing all the work for you. It’s nice to add a little variety into your paintball adventures, anyway.
  • Raise the Threat Level – For players who are so good and so accurate at paintball showdowns, using the pump-paintball gun against people using semi-auto paintball guns gives you a special challenge, because you’ll be firing versus much higher fire rates. This allows you to handicap your match against less-skilled paintball players. Just imagine how demoralized your paintball opponents will be when you beat them with an “inferior” paintball gun.

Paint Ball Gun Models

We’ve listed these paint ball gun models to show you how “pump paintball guns” differ from other paint ball guns.

  • Stock Paintball Guns – These guns hold only 20-40 paint rounds at a time and uses a stock pump. The shooting mechanism is powered by a 12-gram CO2 powerlet. You reload after all the rounds are spent, you’ll have to rock the paint ball gun back gently forward and backward. Stock paintball guns were the original competition-level guns, but many believed these rules were holding back paintball technology. These days, only old-timers and purists use stock paintball guns, though there are still competitions using them.
  • Semi-Auto Paintball Guns – Semi-automatic paintball guns can lay down up to 20 paintball shots per second. For many years, these were the guns used in competitive paintball tournaments. These guns were patented in 1985, but they did not take over sport for a few years, because paintball tournaments used the old stock guns.
  • Electric Paintball Guns – These are the fastest paintball guns on the market. The main difference in the electric paintball marker and the semi-automatic paintball markers is that this gun has an electric trigger. This speeds up the shooting time because it is triggered electronically and competitive paintballers use electric paintball guns these days. These guns are powered by batteries. You can set this to semi-auto mode, where you still shoot one paintball at a time. In the electric or automatic mode, though, these guns shoot at a minimum of 15 balls per second.