What Benefits Do Golf Schools Offer?

Golf schools help to improve golf players through targeted golf instruction over a short duration, usually in the form of “golf vacations”. There are golf schools and golf clinics throughout the warm weather portions of the United States and some of these are quite famous: the PGA Golf School, the Nike Golf School and the ESPN Golf Schools.

Each golf school is going to have its own philosophies for improving golf skills. Some will focus on putting and driving. Others will teach students proper golf mechanics or try to eliminate inconsistencies in the golf swing. Some try to teach about the flight of the ball or psychological factors. To one degree or another, golf colleges tend to include some combination of golf techniques, mechanics and even golf psychology. These golf teaching techniques are often founded by a golf pro or famous instructor such as Hank Haney.

Golf Swing Mechanics

Hank Haney is the latest golf coach for Tiger Woods. He wants his golfers to understand golf swing mechanics such as the flight of the ball and its relation to the golf swing. Too often, players will address the ball with one swing, but their real golf swing lacks the same mechanics of their address swing. Hank Haney makes certain his students’ game swing occupies the same “swing plane” as their address.

Of course, most people don’t study their golf swing with the dedication of Tiger Woods and Hank Haney. Most are looking for a few lessons about shortening their swing or a few techniques for improving their game. That’s what the golf school offers.

Golf Schools vs Private Golf Instruction


For one, a golf school is a whole lot cheaper than private golf instruction. Professional golfers like Tiger Woods can purchase the talents of professional golf instructors like Butch Harmon and Hank Haney, but most people don’t have the time, money or inclination for personal golf instruction.

What benefits do golf schools offer compared to a few golf lessons?

You can get a few golf lessons at your local golf club, which is a perfectly legitimate means of improving your golf stroke. But golf schools involve professionals who spend all year long teaching new golf skills, so their teaching skills are efficient and honed. These also follow a few core philosophies which are easy-to-teach and easy-to-learn.

Also, golf schools let you take a vacation and spend a few days in a beautiful golf resort on a golf course chosen for proper instruction. You get away, you spend a few days focusing on your golf game, then you return to your old golf course with a few new golfing skills.

ESPN Golf Schools

For instance, the ESPN Golf School offers a 3-day golf instruction course called the “Three Club Tour”, which instructs golf players in the use of three pivotal golf clubs in their bag: the putter, the driver and the wedge. Since these three clubs involve “75% of your score”, this golf class focuses entirely on techniques using these clubs.

These golf techniques cover chipping and pitching, the full swing and putting drills. Besides these drills (as well as alignment drills), players are instructed in golf fundamentals like golf posture, grip strength and stretching techniques. The ESPN Golf School costs $375 for three days of instructions.

PGA Golf Schools – TOUR Academy Golf Schools

The PGA golf schools are better known as the Tour Academy Golf Schools, with golf clinics at Sawgrass and Hilton Head, as well as in Scottsdale, Las Vegas and Weston Hills. The PGA maintains the World Golf Village in Scottsdale, as well as the TOUR Academy on the Road, which is a traveling golf school for those who can’t take a golfing vacation. There is even the TOUR Academy at Sea, which is a golf school on a cruise ship.

These golf schools offer instruction for players at every level, and help beginners with club-fitting. There are short-game clinics given, while players can also seek out private golf lessons.

Nike Golf Schools

Nike Golf Schools focus on the next generation of golfers with their Junior Golf Camps. Players find resident programs, parent-child schools for father and sons (or mother and daughters) who want to learn the game together, as well as golf coaches clinics. The Nike Golf School even offers Commuter Day Programs, for those who can only get away for a day of golf instruction.