Where And How Do You Buy Nascar Tickets?

If you want to buy Nascar tickets for your local event, call the track where the event is going to be held. Wikipedia has a list of the current stops on the Sprint Cup Tour and other Nascar tracks in use. Click on the blue link for the Nascar track nearest you, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the link to that track’s home site. You’ll be able to get telephone, fax and online contact information at these sites.

Most NASCAR tracks have not only bleacher seat tickets, but have tickets on the infield. These infield tickets usually hold a whole lot more people than the bleachers and you can usually buy tickets there, if nothing else. Of course, a lot of people don’t want to spend their Nascar afternoon on the infield amidst “tent city”, so if you want to buy tickets in the stands, here are other options.

Buying Tickets For A Nascar Event

People who want everything done for them on the Nascar vacation should buy their Nascar tickets through a Nascar charter tour. This is a chartered tour which takes care of buying tickets for a nascar event including seats, the hotel accommodations in the town of the event and even the bus ride out to the races. Once you buy your way into the NASCAR chartered tour, you really don’t have to do much of anything but show up. The drawbacks are that the tour is going to cost more than a normal trip to watch a Nascar event would, and you won’t have the freedom to make out your own schedule throughout your stock car weekend.

Can I get tickets online?

You can find good deals on the internet, if you want to go through a scalper or an online ticket scalping service. The sites which scalp tickets, such as Stubhub and Tickets (dot com), are going to be more expensive. You can also go through independent online scalpers, but I would recommend going through one of the safe, established sites.

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Perhaps your best online option if you want to buy tickets for close to face value would be to find a Nascar fan site and ask if anyone is trying to get rid of their Nascar tickets. A lot of times, non-scalpers who had something come up and can’t go to the event will be looking to sell their Nascar event tickets. In these cases, the fan might be willing to sell at face value simply to offset the original cost of the tickets.

Buying Scalped Nascar Tickets

When everything else fails, you can show up outside a Nascar event and buy tickets from a scalper. Buying scalped Nascar tickets can be a little nerve-wracking for some, though, because you wonder whether you’ll be able to get into the event, who you might be buying tickets from and how much they’ll cost. Know that scalped tickets are often going to be noticeably higher than face value, because this is how some of these people make a living (or at least supplement their income). If you have the nerve to wait until the event has started, though, you can get great deals, because the scalper will be trying to recoup money and ditch the tickets for a lower (maybe even less than face value) price.