Where Are The Best Places To Get Live Football Scores?

Live football scores on your Blackberry or iPhone is more important than ever, since you have internet access in more places now than ever. If you’re going with your wife or girlfriend to some Sunday afternoon party you didn’t know about until the last minute, getting live football updates on your cellphone is the only connection you have to the day’s football scores, injuries and events. Maybe you want to know why the backup quarterback is in the game, or how the team just scored two touchdowns in a 14-second span. Maybe you have money riding on your football game and you can’t enjoy the party until you know the bet’s going your way. Whatever the case, getting the latest and quickest live football scores for your Blackberry is more important than most people would know.

One of the best places to get live football scores is SI.com. Not only does SI (Sports Illustrated) offer some of the most comprehensive coverage of college football and NFL football, it offers specific services for cellphone users like “SI Mobile”, “Free Alerts” and “My SI”.

On “MY SI”, you can submut up to a total of 6 favorite teams that you get full coverage for. These include the categories NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, NHL and MLB, but you can select all six from among the National Football League teams. You can even switch your preferences, so you can concentrate on NCAA football and then pro football.

When you take “Free Alerts”, you can choose to get scores and news alerts for your favorite sports, as well as the latest news from your favorite SI writers. If these don’t fill the bill, you can even create your own keywords and get alerts according to these key words. The news alerts allow football fans to get live football info such as late scratches or injury updates, so you know exactly why your team is losing to a big underdog (for example).

The “SI Mobile” feature offer special interfacing with Blackberry smartphones between the people at Sports Illustrated and Reality In Motion. All you have to do is download the SI icon on your blackberry.

Live Fantasy Football Stats

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There are live football scores, and then there are live fantasy football stats. Any devoted fantasy football owner will tell you that the two are not the same. When you need a live football score, you’re probably satisfied with who is winning the game and how much time is left in the game. Some football fans are going to want to know who scored and how long a scoring drive was, so the fan can get an idea of where the team’s game seems to be headed. That’s usually enough for the non-fantasy football fan.

With a fantasy football fan, though, a person wants to know the stats for all the stars players, and a good number of some of the non-starring starters. Learning whether the Chicago Bears are winning might or might not be important to them, but you can be sure they’re interested in whether Matt Forte has a touchdown or five receptions. In fact, they will want the quickest sports stats they can get, and the fantasy sports owner will want to see scores and stats from every game on the NFL schedule, including those involving the worst teams in pro football. Seeing that Tony Romo threw a 5-yard touchdown isn’t going to be enough. They want to know who Tony Romo threw the TD to and who got the yards and receptions getting the team down the field.

If you’re looking for the latest sports stats from the day’s games, go with one of the big providers of fantasy sports support like CBS Sportsline. While I’m not a big fan of the CBS Sports Line fantasy football league sites, their many years in the ff support industry means they know what fantasy sports fans want.

Live European Football Scores

If you want good places to get live European football scores in English, consider Skysports or BBC News. Both Sky Sports (from Skynews) and BBC News are among the fastest and most thorough sports news sources for the English Premiership. They also cover all the other major soccer leagues in Europe, including the Italian Serie A, Spanish Primera, German Bundeslifa, Dutch Eredivisie, French Le Championat and all the other major football leagues in Europe. And, of course, you’ll be able to get the latest scores from the Champions League, the FA Cup, the EUFA Cup and any World Cup qualifying matches that might be going on.