Where Can I Buy Football Tickets And How Much Do Football Tickets Cost?

Football tickets start somewhere around $40 for an end zone or corner seat, but 50-yard line seats or skybox tickets can cost in the thousands. The price of football tickets depend on many factors besides location, including the team selling the tickets, the amount of fan interest in the home team, as well as the home team’s opponent and what’s at stake in the game. If you want great seats at a home game of a contending team with rabid fan support playing a bitter rival with a playoff birth at stake, then football tickets go through the roof. Season-ticket holders might end up scalping football tickets for late-season pivotal games or playoff games for thousands of dollars (though a real fan would never think of selling their tickets to such a game).

NFL football tickets vary between teams like the Dallas Cowboys, a traditionally popular teams with lots of stars and a brand new state-of-the-art stadium in 2009, and the Cincinnati Bengals, a team known for disappointing its fans and being cheap in the way they do business. So when you start to buy football tickets, you’ll have to go on a team-by-team basis. Let’s take a look at the Dallas Cowboys.

Dallas Cowboys Football Tickets

A quick look at Tickets.org shows a game vs. the Philadelphia Eagles in the new (unnamed) Dallas Cowboys Stadium in Arlington on a date that’s yet to be determined. The cheapest seats available are in the corner endzone in the upper level, with tickets costing $207.00 per ticket. So if you want to buy tickets for a group of four Cowboys fans, you’re going to be spending $828 for the cheapest seats in the house.


The most expensive football tickets listed are the goal line seats for row 4, which costs $564.00 per ticket. Don’t ask what the 4th row 50-yard line football tickets will cost at the new stadium. You would have to go through a scalper to buy these tickets anyway, from a season-ticket holder. Given that season-ticket holders have to buy personal seat licenses (or “seat options”, as Jerry Jones calls them) will cost between $16,000 and $150,000 for a 30-year lease. Yes, that’s right. Someone with the fifty-yard line seat is probably paying tens of thousands of dollars for a seat license — and that’s not even mentioning the price fo the season tickets. While the seat licenses over $50,000 are for “club level seating” or seats in the sky box, that’s still an outrageous price. So don’t expect to be getting a seat on the 50 anytime soon, unless you have big money.

Of course, Dallas Cowboys tickets are a bit of an aberration. The previous record for club-level ticket licenses was $20,000 for the Carolina Panthers, so the $150,000 price should give you how out-of-whack Jerry Jones’s money demands are going to be. It should be the best stadium of its kind, at least until the next one comes along.

Where can I buy football tickets and how much do football tickets cost online?

Besides Tickets.org, you can buy tickets online at Stubhub.com. Stubhub is the premier football ticket vendor on the internet. Stubhub lets you buy and sell tickets to other other customers, so you don’t have to go through the iffy pre-game ritual of ticket scalping. Stubhub lets you scalp tickets online or (probably more likely) buys tickets from an online ticker scalper service.

Where can I buy football tickets and how much do football tickets cost for college football?

It’s NCAA college football where you see the biggest difference in the price of tickets. You’ll be able to get college football tickets for Division II and Division III games for a little bit of nothing, and there are even some of the lower-tier Division I schools that can’t charge too much for football tickets. But if you’re talking about major college football tickets for teams like Ohio State, LSU or Alabama, you’re going to be dealing with schools that have a huge study body, a large alumni section and a huge and fanatical non-academic-related fan base. These tickets will be on a par with some NFL football tickets packages. For instance, teams like the Michigan Wolverines and the Tennessee Volunteers play every week in stadiums that seat over 100,000 people, but they still sell out year-in, year-out.

Of course, college football programs also want to accommodate their current college students and many of these people aren’t going to have the money of middle-aged alums. So you’ll find a lot of affordable football tickets at college football games, too — just not for the best seats in the house.

Once again, the differences are stark from one program to the next. Let me compare the prices of Ohio State and Michigan for tickets in the mid-range for both teams (I would compare for the same teams, but both teams do not host the same team this year.) The Michigan Wolverine ticket prices when they host Indiana range between $119 and $515. Meanwhile, the Ohio State ticket costs when they host Illinois range between $144 and $1023. The cheapest football ticket for the most expensive Ohio State game (OSU vs USC) is $347, while the cheapest ticket for the most expensive Michigan game (Michigan vs Ohio State) is $252. So the tickets to University of Michigan games are just cheaper across the board.