Which Are The Best Las Vegas Sportsbooks?

There are so many great Las Vegas sportsbooks that it’s hard to make a short list. I’ll try to list the atmosphere of the sports book, since the lines can change from one week to the next in Las Vegas. Note that most of the sportsbook odds are going to be competitive with other parts of the country, given the proximity of so many competitors around Las Vegas. The one exception is the Wynn Las Vegas Casino & Sportsbook. It’s odds and lines can sometimes be outrageous, and not in your favor.

Top Five Vegas Sports Books

That being said, people often go to a Las Vegas sports book for the chance to watch their games and their bets in a special, memorable sports book venue. These are the top five Vegas sports books that you can brag to your friends about.

  1. Caesars Palace Sports Book – Caesars is a great sports book because it has bets for just about anything you can imagine. If you’re tired of the same old sports bets, then go to the Caesars Palace sports book.
  2. Wynn Las Vegas Sports Book – For people who want to wager on a sporting event and then watch the game as it happens, Wynn Las Vegas is probably the place to go. Wynn Las Vegas combines a great sportsbook with one of the most opulent hotels in all of Las Vegas. Combine great food and excellent service and you can enjoy your game in splendor. The one drawback is you won’t get the best sports lines at the Wynn Las Vegas, so you’ll have to pay for the opulence you’re enjoying. If you know that and agree to the game anyway, then Wynn Las Vegas Casino might be your favorite sportsbook.
  3. MGM Grand Sportsbook – The MGM Grand has several large screen 16’x12′ tvs in a reverse-amphitheater arena, so gamblers can enjoy their wagers. The MGM Grand Casino also separates the sports book from the racing book, so you won’t have to put up with racehorse gamblers if you don’t want to. High-rollers should know there are even “skyboxes” to suit their gambling needs, though most of us won’t be able to enjoy that luxury.
  4. best-vegas-sportsbooks
    Mandalay Bay Sports Book
    – Mandalay Bay has the same odds of the MGM Grand, because each is owned by the same corporation, so the essentials are the same. Mandalay Bay Casino isn’t quite as nice as MGM Grand, but the Mandalay Bay sportsbook offers an abundance of space, seats, display screens and bets. Mandalay Bay doesn’t have the grandeur of the three sportsbooks already mentioned, but it does offer everything you’ll want in a sports book. The staff is first rate and the food is excellent.
  5. Bally’s Sportsbook – Bally’s Casino has more of a sports bar feel to their sportsbook, but it has a large place to view games. When I say “bar”, I mean that the Bally Sportsbook is comfortable and feels like a sporting event. You can socialize or actually watch games, and there is access to plenty of food options just outside the room.

Las Vegas Sportsbooks Odds

If you’re looking for the best Last Vegas sportsbooks odds, that becomes a harder proposition, since the odds change all the time. Look for recent trends in the betting lines and money lines on bets on each casino before heading to Las Vegas. Go with the one with the best current deals. But if one of the above five casinos is near the casino you’re betting in, you should consider walking down the street and watching your game in that sportsbook.