Who Has the Most NASCAR Wins?

The short answer is Richard Petty, with 200 Sprint Cup wins.

I’m assuming when you’re asking who has the most Nascar wins, you’re asking about the NASCAR season that Fox broadcasts every week to millions of viewers. It gets a little confusing, because NASCAR keeps getting different sponsors, so this racing league has been known as the “Sprint Cup”, the “Nextel Cup” and the “Winston Cup” over the years.

On this circuit alone, Richard Petty won 200 races and 7 Nascar Championships. Both are records, though Dale Earnhardt Sr. tied Petty’s record seven Nascar season titles. Because of these accomplishments, Richard “The King” Petty is considered the greatest of all Nascar drivers. Here are some of his Nascar stats.

From 1958 to 1992, Richard Petty raced in 1,185 stock car races. He had 200 victories, over 700 Top Ten Nascar finishes and sat the pole 127 different times. He holds the record for most wins in a season by winning 27 Nascar races in 1967 alone. His last win came in 1984 at the age of 46, though he would continue to race for 8 more years. Today (2009), Richard Lee Petty is 71 years old.

Winning The Most Nascar Races


Dick Trickle holds the distinction for winning the most Nascar races, if you take in circuits besides the Sprint Cup. Dick “the White Knight” Trickle has races over 1,000,000 laps on race car circuits such as NASCAR, All Pro, USAR Hooters Pro Cup, USAC, ARCA, ASA and ARTFO, as well as others. It’s thought that Dick Trickle has raced in over 2,200 races in his career.

Dick Trickle’s NASCAR records are not as impressive because he didn’t start racing in the circuit until 1989 (at age 48), though he was NASCAR Rookie of the Year in 1989. Instead, he stayed in the short track racing circuit of Wisconsin for decades. He had raced selected races on the NASCAR circuit going all the way back to 1970.

Dick Trickle made fun of his lack of success in NASCAR, filming a 1997 commercial where it was noted that he was 0-for-243 in Nascar events. The eccentric race car driver also was noted for drilling a hole in his safety helmet, so he could smoke while driving. He no longer races in the NASCAR races, but he does race in smaller Wisconsin events.

The Most NASCAR Wins Among Active Drivers

Jeff Gordon has the most NASCAR wins among active drivers. Jeff Gordon has 82 wins, has sat on the pole position 67 times and has finished in the Top Ten 328 times in his career (which started in 1992). Jeff Gordon also has won four Sprint Cup titles (though the title went under a different name at the time).