How to Buy a Refurbished IPad

How to Buy a Refurbished IPad

The iPad is a tablet computer made by Apple. The iPad has been for sale since March of 2010. The device appeared with high expectations, but critical response has been mixed. Apple isn’t selling as many new iPads as they wish they would–the fact that Apple lowered the price just a few months after the device premiered is evidence of that.

But if you can’t afford a new iPad (even with the recent discount in price) you aren’t totally out of luck. Buying a refurbished iPad is really no different from buying a first-run version. Here’s how to buy a refurbished iPad.

More About the iPad

The iPad is meant to be a “new category” of electronic device. The iPad has something of a split personality, and is considered to be something like a smartphone and something like a laptop computer.

The iPad has a big touch screen (9.7 inches), a high-performance processor like a laptop, and uses wireless to access the Internet. The iPad is really the world’s perfect media machine–the perfect tool for accessing entertainment of all kinds, from basic web surfing to reading eBooks and watching streaming movies and TV.

The iPad is an entertainment device, though many scholars and designers have found use for it, and you can find iPads in use at different kiosks around the country–in this form, they function as POS systems for high-end department stores. But think back to the launch event for the iPad, and video of Apple CEO Steve Jobs sitting on a couch to show off the iPad features. This is a device meant for checking out LOLcats and reading the latest John Grisham.

iPad Specs

How to Buy a Refurbished IPad

Think of the actual machine part of the iPad as a bigger and faster iPhone. The iPad even uses the iPhone’s operating system, and is capable of running all of the tens of thousands of iPhone apps. The biggest difference between the iPad and the iPhone is the iPad’s exclusive A4 processor.

Your iPad is going to weigh about a pound and a half. The iPad is about the size of a hardback novel and is supposed to have at least 10 hours of battery life per charge.

There are currently six different versions of iPad that differ in features and capabilities. The price also ranges from $499 to $829, with prices in some stores slightly lower due to seasonal discounts. Of the six versions of iPad, three can only access the Internet with wi-fi, and the other three use 3G wireless phone networks as well.

Cheap iPads

The iPad is still relatively new, and you shouldn’t expect the price to drop that much in the near future. Apple is also really good at releasing new versions of their products about once a year, so if you wait a few months you could find “old” versions of the iPad at lowered prices.

Don’t want to wait? Buying a refurbished model is probably your best shot at getting your hands on a cheap iPad.

Where to Find Refurbished iPads

The word “refurbished” means different things–it could be an iPad that was sold and then returned completely unused. It could be an iPad with a mild cosmetic problem from shipping. It could also be an iPad that was rebuilt to repair a glitch. Obviously, your experience with each of these types of refurbished items will be different.

There are three main locations to look for refurbished items of any type: direct from the manufacturer (in this case Apple), from an online outlet that specializes in refurbished electronics, and from certain retailers that buyout large lots and resell them as refurbished.

Buying Refurbished iPads from Apple

Buying a refurbished iPad direct from Apple is as easy as finding a model in the “Special Deals” section of Appleā€™s website. Since these are refurbished items that move quickly, you may not be able to find the same product here from one day to the next.

Apple provides product specs for every refurbished item they sell. When buying a refurbished iPad, make sure you’re buying the model that you want. There are six different options packages to choose from.

Even though you’re buying from a trusted source, you should understand the warranty and the return policy that Apple uses before you buy. Since Apple is known for offering good warranties, you’ll probably end up with a one-year warranty for your refurbished iPad.

Buying Refurbished iPads Online

You won’t find refurbished iPads in very many places online just yet–the technology is still pretty new. But big name retailers online like Amazon and auction-based site eBay both have refurbished iPads for sale regularly. is another good source of refurbished iPads.

The downside of buying from a big retailer online is that you may not be able to have your order shipped outside of the US. If you’re looking to ship a refurbished iPad to somewhere else in the world, you’ll have to buy direct from Apple.

Buying refurbished electronics makes people nervous. For now, when you want an iPad but don’t want to pony up $500, buying a refurbished iPad directly from Apple is the best way to make sure you get the best warranty. Without a good warranty or return policy, buying a refurbished iPad is a bad idea.

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