Is Satellite Radio Worth the Money?

That’s a question everyone has to answer for themselves. If you have the extra money every month to pay either Sirius Satellite Radio or XM Satellite Radio, it’s a terrific product. If you take trips in your car a lot or you’re a truck driver, I can’t imagine not having satellite radio.

Try to remember the last time you took a long trip in a car, long enough that you were outside of the radius of your local radio market for hours. Do you remember how frustrating it was, as you moved from one radio market to another, trying to find any kind of radio station you wanted to listen to, much less on that got decent reception? In my experience, about the time I ever find a radio station out of my area I enjoy, the reception is so bad it’s hardly worth the trouble.

With satellite radio, there’s none of that. You can get the same radio channels anywhere you go in the country (or the world). Because the radio signals are beamed to your radio receiver via satellite, satellite radio can reach anywhere you can drive. I haven’t even touched on another of the big advantages of satellite radio: the amazing variety and list of selections.

Satellite Radios Offer Hundreds Of Stations


Both XM Satellite Radio and Sirius Satellite Radio offer hundreds of stations, which is well over a hundred more than your going to find in most radio markets. You can listen to music radio, talk radio, news radio, sports radio, comedy radio – pretty much anything you can imagine. You’ll always have something you want to listen to. The biggest concern you’ll have is finding a satellite radio station that everyone in the car will agree upon.

Is Satellite Radio Worth the Money for the Big Name Celebrity Shows?

Once again, that depends on what you prefer. For instance, Howard Stern has a blockbuster deal with Sirius Satellite Radio, maybe too big for the health of the company. Any time of the day, you can find either a Howard Stern Show broadcast, or programming chosen by Howard Stern. Now, back when Howard Stern was in my local market, I listened to him all the time and loved his act. But these days, I find that I would rather listen to sports talk or stand-up comics or one of a hundred different kinds of music you’ll get on satellite radio. But if you can’t get enough of Howard Stern, Sirius Satellite Radio is probably worth the fee for Howard’s show alone.

Actually, you can say the same for XM Satellite Radio. In the Summer of 2008, Sirius Radio and XM Radio merged, so the entity is called Sirius XM Radio, Inc. So you can listen to Howard Stern or the Playboy Channel or whatever else you want to listen to on satellite radio.

Something for Everyone on Satellite Radio – How Satellite Radio Works

Don’t get me wrong when I mention the Playboy Channel. There’s something for everyone on Satellite Radio. For instance, XM Satellite Radio right now offers three Christian music channels (MercyMe, New Direction and Hinsons South Gospel), the Catholic Channel and a “Family & Health” channel. If you want politics, there’s the “America Right” and “America Left” channels, as well as “Fox News Talk”, NPR and “Bloomberg Radio”. There’s even the POTUS Channel. For those who have no clue what that means, that’s the “President of the United States” or P.O.T.U.S. channel. I learned that from watching West Wing.

Sports fans will find dozens of sports feeds, including both Major League Baseball and NBA play-by-play broadcasts. When other sports are in-season, you’ll find play-by-play broadcasts of most of the other sports.

And then there’s the music channels on Satellite Radio. You’ll find multiple stations for pop music (15), country music (6), rock (20), hip-hop & R&B (7), “Jazz, Blues & standards” (7), Classical (3), “Dance & Electronic” (4) and “Latin & World” (5). You’ll find the Elvis Channel, the Jimmy Buffet Channel and the Grateful Dead Channel. In other words, there’s a lot of music and if you can’t find something you don’t want to listen to, it’s you own fault.

So, to answer your question, satellite radio is worth the money, if you have excess cash right now to spend on Satellite Radio. While I can’t tell you whether to spend on Satellite Radio, I can say that satellite radio is a good product that you’ll almost certainly enjoy (and get your money out of) if you purchase it.