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Kindle Reviews 2011

Most of the Kindle reviews written in 2011 mention that eBook sales are spiking. (If you don’t know what a Kindle is, see this page: What Is a Kindle?) Reviewers are quick to point out that Amazon is now selling more eBooks than actual books, and though that number is not yet true for the book market in general (paper books still outsell eBooks 5 to 1) it is seen as a trend that book publishers and book sellers should keep an eye on.

In 2011, there are two basic versions of the Kindle for sale–Kindle 3 and Kindle DX. The DX model is larger, has a larger screen, better resolution, and has support for more media types than the Kindle 3. Reviews of Kindle devices in 2011 make it a point to describe the many ways that Kindle 3 is better than the original version, which has been discontinued. Seems a little obvious, right?

CNET Kindle Review 2011Kindle Reviews 2011

CNET is one of the most trusted sources for tech reviews. They give the latest version of the Kindle four stars out of five and have named it an editor’s choice. CNET praises the new Kindle’s “slimmer” and “more compact” design, as well as its improved screen and faster page-turning features. As for the downside, CNET complains that there’s no expansion slot for adding memory and no support for the popular EPUB book file format. I agree with CNET, and suggest also that AMazon should consider throwing in a carrying case with Kindle purchases and figure out a way around the fact that the Kindle’s battery is permanently sealed into the device, making repairs impossible.

I’m constantly amazed that CNET likes the Kindle so much, in the face of all of its flaws. For a device that’s sold millions of units, I’m fairly disappointed by my own Kindle DX. The screen is not “glare-free” as Amazon advertises, and is especially hard on my eyes on long flights with those bright overhead airplane lamps.

Blog Kindle Reviews 2011

I’ve been surprised by the blog response to Kindles in 2011–they seem to be as into the Kindle as the major tech review sites. A blogger at gives the 2011 version of the device a “9.3 out of 10″ thanks to its light weight and easy to read screen. This blogger repeats the old lie about the screen being free of glare–not true by any stretch of the imagination.

A blogger at suggests that the new Nook Touch might finally be a better device than the Kindle 3, mostly because of its ease of use, saying that the UI touch interface is far superior to Kindle’s 5 button interface. Still, this blogger shows his Kindle fanboy true colors by wondering ” . . . how far away is the Kindle 4?”

It’s clear from reviews of the Kindle in 2011 that most people are really into their Amazon eBook readers, even in the face of new versions of Barnes and Noble’s well-reviewed Nook and much-cheaper eReaders from Borders and other retailers. The Kindle was the first giant of the eBook world, and probably maintains a lot of customer loyalty simply because it came out before its competition.

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