What Are Some Good, Free PSP Video Converter Downloads?

Created by Sony, the Sony PSP is one of the hottest hand held game platforms available. It was initially launched in the USA in March of 2005 and have only lacked sales behind the Nintendo DS. It is the best selling “non Nintendo” hand held platform sold. For your gaming pleasure it offers a similar layout similar to the Playstation controllers and offers a very large LCD screen. The software has been updated regularly and can support some of the most popular applications such as Adobe Flash, Skype Internet Phone Service, connects to the web, and can connect to the PS3 via wireless internet. Sony has produced so many games for this system including their $19.99 “Greatest Hits” series and with the right video converter, it can support full length movies as well. We have found 3 of the best PSP video converters and they are at a great price, free.

1. PSP Video Converter: PSP Video Express


The Video Express is a smaller version of the PSP Movie Creator. It has some great features like the ability to cut off the cast and credits to be able to make the files smaller. The Video Express also has the ability to determine the output size prior to converting and supports mover video resolutions than other converters. Technical support will be slim to none as this program is supposed to be used for educational purposes only. Although it will be available sometime, there is no Mac version as of yet but it will run on Windows 98/ME/NT/XP/2000 and converts videos to MP4 format. It is necessary for you to have a USB cable or memory card to access movies and one full length movie should be able to be compressed onto a 256 MB or larger memory stick.

This download can be found on pqdvd.com and also offers other converters for your Blackberry and Ipod as well. Although it is free, you are asked to make a donation if you are capable.

2. Pazera Free PSP Video Converter 1.1

Released in late 2008, Pazera offers a really easy to use video converter which allows you to convert videos by a drag and drop motion and then with 3 clicks of a button you are on your way. You will have more volume control on the 1.1 version as well as the FFmpeg encoder. This system supports the English and Polish language and is supported by Windows Vista, ME, XP, 2000, 98, and NT. You can convert AVI, MPEG, MP4, FLV, AND MOV videos files to the MP4 format which is compatible on the Sony PSP.

You can currently find this download on many sites, but over 95,000 downloads have been done on download.cnet.com

3. Apex Free PSP Video Converter 7.41

This is video converter is a bit newer than the first two but offers very fast conversion speed and its very user friendly. It can convert movies from AVI, MOV, DIVX, QuickTime, MPEG, DVD, ASF, and RMVB to the MP4 which is what is compatible on the PSP. It has had several thousand downloads in the short time that it has been available. It operates on Windows software such as XP, 2000, 95, 98, and 2003 and no technical knowledge is required to use this product. You can find this product on bestsoftware4download.com.

Products such as these provide so much more value than what you can find in a store. When you start adding other entertainment to devices such as the PSP, sales can go through the roof and they become more sought after. With all the games that are available and the many colors that it comes in, the Sony PSP will definitely stay in competition with the Nintendo DS. Not to mention the fact that it is extremely affordable, starting at $130 or so, even for all the options and downloads that are available.