What Are Verizon Deals for Phone, Internet, and Cable?

Verizon is one of the leading communications companies in the United States. They provide services for local and long-distance calling, high-speed internet, and cable television. They advertise the latest technology, such as FiOS (fiber optics to those that are not in the know), to provide the fastest service in both internet and cable television. Verizon offers many plans for each service, all designed to meet various budgets. With reliable communications playing such an important role in people’s lives today, it is necessary to find the right plan to meet your needs.

Verizon Phone Deals

So what are some of Verizon’s plans? How much do they cost per month? Whether you are looking to for a new service or just an upgrade, here is some information on Verizon’s various deals.

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    Verizon Freedom Value – The next Freedom plan offers a wider calling area. You still get unlimited calls all over the United States but you can also call Canada and Puerto Rico and it won’t cost extra. The plan has a flat rate of $44.99 per month and doesn’t come with any additional calling features.

    Verizon Freedom Essentials – This Freedom plan comes loaded with the most in extra features. It gives you unlimited local and long-distance calls across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico. It also gives you features like Voice Mail, Caller ID, and Call Waiting. All of these features, including the unlimited calls, come at a flat rate of $49.99 per month.

  • Long-Distance Flat Rate Service – If you are not interested in a calling plan and you don’t do that much long-distance calling, you could just sign up for Verizon’s flat rate service. For anywhere from $7.50 to $19.00 per month (depending on where you live in the United States) this plan gives you unlimited calls to locations in your local calling area, including any extended area exchanges.
  • Sensible Minutes Plan – If you rarely use your phone other than for just local calls, you could just pay a per minute fee. Verizon offers a flat rate of .09 cents per minute for all direct-dialed local toll calls at anytime day or night. There is no monthly rate so if you don’t pay a thing if you don’t make any local toll calls.
  • 5 Cents Plan – If you do a lot of state to state long-distance calling, you can sign up for the .05 cents a minute plan. The rate for out-of-state calls is only .o5 cents but there is a monthly fee of $6.00 per month plus a minimum charge of $9.99 a month.
  • e-Value Plans – This is a special offer for customers who sign up online. For only $5.50 per month, you can make long-distance calls for .07 cents per minute on weekends and .10 cents a minute during the week. There are no additional minimum charges so you just have the monthly fee and per minute rate.
  • Inside Wire Maintenance – Besides local and long-distance calling, you can also get Verizon’s Inside Wire Maintenance plan. Normally, Verizon is responsible for all the wiring leading up to your house. But customers are responsible for all the wiring from their outside phone jack to the inside of their homes or businesses. So if something goes wrong inside your home, you will have to pay a service charge for a repairman to come out and fix it. However, the Inside Wire Maintenance Plan will cover all maintenance calls in your home for a flat monthly fee of $6.99 per month. This covers all service repairs, diagnostic checks, new or damaged wiring and jacks, and discounted rates for installation of new jacks.

Verizon Internet Deals

When it comes to high-speed internet, Verizon offers several plans, all priced according to how much uploading and downloading you need.

  • Internet Starter Plan – The very basic high-speed internet plan allows you to download up to 1 Mbps and Upload up to 384 Kbps. This costs $17.99 per month along with a 2-year agreement. If only sign a one-year agreement, though, it can run you $19.99 per month.
  • Power Plan – The next step up in high-speed service, the Power Plan gives you Download speeds of 3 Mbps and Upload speeds of 768 Kbps. The current price of $29.99 is the same for either a two-year agreement or a one-year agreement.
  • Turbo Plan – The fastest service available, this plan gives you Download speeds of 7.12 Mbps and Upload speeds of 768 Kbps. The rate of $39.99 per month is available with a two-year plan but the one-year plan costs $42.99 per month.
  • FiOS High-Speed Internet – Fiber optics are replacing cable as the fastest means of providing internet service. All of Verizon’s other internet plans use standard cable but the FiOS can be offered directly to your home. Fiber optics gives you speeds of up to 50 Mbps which is so much faster than standard cable. Verizon’s FiOS Internet currently costs $44.95 per month but isn’t available in all areas.

Verizon Cable Deals

Verizon cable services offers standard television channels, High Definition (or HD), music channels, and movies on demand. Here are their current plans that you can get:

  • Essentials Plan – The Essentials Plan gives you all the local channels such as ABC, CBS, and NBC, plus over 250 regular channels and 14 HD channels. Plus, it gives you 47 music channels and 48 Urge Radio channels. All of this is for $47.99 per month.
  • Extreme HD Plan – The Extreme HD Plan offers the same basic channels as the Essentials Plan except for the inclusion of more HD channels. This plan gives you up to 41 additional HD channels on top of the previous 14. Overall, there are over 320 channels with this plan and costs $57.99 per month.
  • CHOICE Plan – a standard plan that gives you 150 channels plus your local and main networks. The normal price per month is $55.99.
  • FiOS Television and Direct TV – In some areas customers can get FiOS television which is clearer and more reliable than cable television. For those areas where FiOS is not available, Verizon offers its customers DirectTV. FiOS gives you up to 295 channels in a digital format for $47.99 per month.

Verizon Package Deals

Besides offering their services separately, Verizon also offers their services as package deals where you can get multiple services at a cheaper rate.

  • Good Double Play – The basic package deal is for your phone and internet. With this you get Verizon’s Freedom Essential Plan and internet with speeds up to 1 Mbps. This package deal costs $49.99 per month but if you sign up online you get $5 off per month for a year.
  • Better Double Play – a slightly better deal for your phone and internet services. This plan gives you Verizon Freedom Essentials for your phone plus internet speeds of up to 3 Mbps. The package costs $69.99 per month (mostly for the faster internet) but if you sign up online, you get $5 off per month for a year.
  • Good Triple Play – A basic package that includes services for phone, internet, and television. For $79.99 per month, you get the Verizon Freedom Value plan, internet with speeds of 1 Mbps, and DirectTV along with the CHOICE plan.
  • Better Triple Play – The top package for standard plans, this covers phone, internet, and television. It gives you Verizon’s Freedom Essentials plan, internet with speeds of 3 Mbps, and DirectTV Plus with DVR.
  • FiOS Package – If you have FiOS in your area, you can get all three services for one price. This package deal gives you the Verizon Freedom Essentials Plan, FiOS internet, and FiOS Extreme HD television all for $119.99 per month.