What Can I Do With An iPhone?

So if you’re thinking about getting an iPhone or you just bought an iPhone, you might be wondering what you can do with an iPhone. Here’s a list of some of the basic iPhone features and basic iPhone functions. These are by no means the only iPhones applications you’ll have at your fingertips with a new i-phones product, but these should definitely get you started.

Instant Messaging – Use the touchpad to instant message your friends and family. I have only one request, though: please don’t IM in a movie theater while the film is showing.

Take Screenshots – Screenshots are simply snapshot pictures you take my pointing your camera and hitting the “Sleep” / “wake” button on your iPhone. When the screenshot is taken, you’ll see a flash and here a “click” sound. You can find your screenshots under the “Photos > Camera Roll” heading on your iPhone.

Download iTunes – The iPhone was built to work seamlessly with iTunes, so you can sync your iPhone to the iTunes site and download music and podcasts one after another.

Get a New Ringtone – While you’re at iTunes, you can download the newest ringtones (even country music ringtones)on the market. Your iPhone will be the easiest cellphone ring tone hookup you’ve ever had.

Games And Apps For Your iPhone


Play Games – of course, you’ll find all kinds of games and apps you can download to your iPhone. Players can find free iPhones games and paid iPhones games. “Rolando” and “Tap Tap Revenge” are a couple of games I would recommend you taking a look at.

Surf the Internet – iPhones have a Wi-Fi function these days, so you can access the internet just about anywhere you’re going to be. In fact, iPhones are going to be online-ready in more places than your standard laptop, because they are built to get internet service in hard-to-reach places. Remember this flexibility comes at the price of security, so watch out what you’re doing when you’re on an unsecured network.

Do Your Finances – Choose from several different personal finance software products to help you manage a personal budget or your household income. Chase bank has its own finance app, while AT&T and Apple have their own products. Helping your finances even more is the fact that you can find good free downloads for financial management.

Make Out a Grocery List – You’ll never forget the grocery list you made out and left lying on the kitchen table again. Not only does an iPhone save your grocery list, but it also gives you tips on where to find certain products in your local area. Iphone groceries simply rocks and the download is cheap – under a dollar cheap.

Write a To-Do List – I’m not talking about a “bucket list”, though I guess that would work to. I’m talking about a list of appointments and stops you need to make all day. If the boss needs that report today by 4:00, you won’t lose it in the shuffle if you have your iPhone with you.

Download Books – You can even download books to your iPhone and read them wherever you go. You can choose NY Times most wanted books or classics.

Basic iPhone Feature

Talk Into the Phone – It goes without saying, but your iPhone also acts as a cellphone. Pretty much any everyday use you want to do with a cellphone or computer, you can do with an iPhone. No need to carry a cellphone and a laptop around with your anymore.