What Is a SanDisk Slot Music Player?

“Slot music players” are kind of a throwback to the days before downloads. Imagine an mp3 player where, instead of downloading music, you put in a memory card with preloaded music, and you have the SanDisk Slot Music Player. More or less, the SanDisk Slot Music Player is an mp3 player for people who either don’t want to be troubled downloading music, who prefer mp3 players to Walkmans but who don’t want to give credit card information out online, or who can’t figure out how to download music off the internet. That turns out to be a marketable group, though, and you can find SanDisk slot music player cards at places like Wal-Mart and Best Buy.

A slot music player looks like most other mp3 players on the market, and at first look you’ll probably think it’s just like any other music download device on the shelf at your electronics store. Upon closer examination, you’ll notice that SanDisk music players have a slot to place what are being termed “slotmusic cards”. These cards contain selected songs already downloaded to the card, so you have the miniaturization of a standard mp3 player without the hassle of downloading music from the internet. If you don’t mind a return to the day where you bought albums with pre-arranged tracks, then it’s not a bad way to carry around your favorite music. You have to know what you’re getting into, though.

SanDisk Slot Music Player Is Only $19.95


Yes, the SanDisk slot music player is only $19.95. Where SanDisk is going to make its money is through the sale of slotmusic cards, though. A slotmusic card typically costs around $15 – or the price of a new CD. When you buy these tiny slotmusic cards, you’re essentially purchasing a CD of music. These slot cards might be mixes of artists or full albums by a named music artist. Either way, you get a tiny music album to plug into your mp3 player.

Of course, the cost of the slotmusic cards is going to stack up pretty quickly, like it would if you were building a CD collection. If you’re used to buying full CDs, though, that might not sound like such a bad thing, since you’re switching over to a smaller portable music player. Even if you download at a legal $0.99 music download website, the cost is really going to be about the same. What you’re losing with the SanDisk Slot Music Player is the flexibility to mix your own playlist and burn CDs with musical selections that you and no one else chose. We’re back to the days of corporations choosing our music albums for us.

What Is the SanDisk Slot Music Player and How Does It Work?

I imagine that the SanDisk slot music player and its inevitable copies on the market is a way for the record labels and music corporations to get some small measure of revenge against music downloaders and the music download websites they support. SanDisk and the artists who put music on slot music cards might actually be hoping this turns the trend on music downloading and we can get back to the days of the prearranged music tracks. That’s probably far-fetched, but it is nice shot-across-the-bow that customers can now purchase the incredibly convenient mp3 device and still bypass the music download process. It was probably only a matter of time before something like the SanDisk slot music player came on the market.

It’s probably only a matter of time before we see a hybrid mp3 player of some sort. That is, I can see an mp3 player which allows owners to download music into their device, but also has “slotmusic card” slots that you can plug into the player and start listening immediately. That is, if the slot music player catches on enough to make such a hybrid viable.

Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the SanDisk Slot Music Player find a niche in the market. While the music selections are limited right now, both Best Buy and Wal-Mart are getting behind the idea and it looks like we should see more slotmusic cards in the stores in coming months. I’ve had enough occasional hiccups with music downloads that I can imagine people (especially of the often technophobic generation before mine) throwing up their hands in disgust and buying a slot music player. I can also see these mp3 players appealing to kids too young to download music, and also too young to care their music choices are being dictated to them. And with a buy-in price of only $20, the SanDisk Slot Music Player is cheap enough for just about anybody to say, “Why not, and give it a try.