What Is Some of the Latest Automotive Technology?

Automobile technology is a fast-changing topic. Automotive gadgets and neat little car devices come and go all the time, so by the time you’re reading this, there might be a whole lot of coolest new automotive gadgets for you to buy. For the moment, though, I provided a short list of automobile technologies that have been announced or have come on the auto device market in the past six months. While you probably won’t want all of these pieces of car technology, maybe you’ll find one of these gadgets too cool to resist. We’ll start with the latest announcement in alternative fuel sources in the auto industry, then move on to the cool car gadgets everybody loves.

Toyota’s Solar-Powered car – Toyota already is designing a car with an air conditioner that’s totally solar-powered, but the folks at Toyota have decided to take the next step and design a car that’s entirely solar-powered. The solar panels are found on the roof of the car, sort of like the solar panels you’ll see on the roof of a solar-panelled house. The car can also be attached to a home or homes with solar panels, so you can charge up the solar battery while your car is parked in the garage or driveway.

Latest Automotive Technologies To Help You While Driving


These are some of the latest automotive technologies to help you while driving.

  • In-car Journey recorder – Nikkai has designed an “In-Car Journey Recorder” to be placed on the inside of your windshield. The journey recorder is a video recorder which records the road in front of your car during your travels. This might seem like a really useless device, but Nikkai designed the journey recorder to help record events in case of a car accident. This helps your insurance assess liability, while it helps your case if the person you have an accident with disputes your telling of the story. If a civil lawsuit or criminal case comes down to your word against theirs, you have the big hammer of a recorded event to back up your version of the wreck. I like this device.
  • Travolution from Audi – Audi is working on a device they call the “travolution”, which is something I wish I had the money to afford. Apparently, the Travolution device lets you know how long it will be until a stoplight turns. For instance, if you are speeding towards a light and you’re afraid it’s going to turn red, the Travolution device lets you know how long it will be until the light turns, and whether you can keep speeding. Also, if you’ve been sitting at a light for an interminable time and you’re starting to blow your fuse, the certainty of knowing how long you must maintain your patience is important (at least it would be for me).
  • Eco-friendly dashboards – Ford Motors announced in early 2009 an ecological-friendly dashboard, which is designed to tell you when you are wasting precious resources and when you are behaving in an ecologically-acceptable way. Obviously, you probably know if you’re behaving in a conservation-friendly manner, but I guess every little bit helps. Other car designers, like Honda (Insight) and Toyota (Prius) have similar features on certain models. Strangely, instead of a statistical reminder of warning light, this dashboard has a green vine that grows when you are behaving, and the vine whithers when you are wasting energy resources. I presume that this vine feature is designed to be recognizable in the international market that Ford is trying market to, because pictures and symbols are easier to understand than a particular language.

What Is Some of the Latest Automotive Technology – Cool Gadgets

Cordless Heated Car Screen Ice Scraper – A company named “Maplin” has designed a cordless heated ice scraper for your car. Maybe it’s because there are few things I hate more than scraping ice for 15 minutes in the morning, but I love the idea of this device. The electric ice scraper charges in a cigarette lighter socket, which charges the scraper for about 20 minutes at a time. This slices through ice on your window, making the process much simpler than it’s been before. The device even comes with an LED light to help you if you’re scraping ice before dawn.

iBreath Alcohol Breathalyzer – This device fits on your iPod or iPhone and lets you take your own alcohol level before you drive. Attach the device to your iPhone or iPod, blow into the breathalyzer and learn whether you could pass a breathalyzer test if you start down the highway. The problem I see with these is that someone impaired by alcohol probably won’t have the wits about them to test their own alcohol level, but I suppose that this is for those that are near the legal level and not three-sheets-to-the-wind.

Houdini Automotive Escape Tool – This is a device to place in your car that helps out in a few key emergencies. The handheld device is made to help you break your windshield in case you’re trapped in the car after a wreck. Also, it has a safe razor blade which cuts through seatbelts, if you are similarly trapped. Of course, the Houdini Escape Tool also has a flashlight and the ability to call 911. There is also a “Houdini Pro” for firefighters and police officers, which is simply a bigger, industrial strength version of the Houdini Automotive Escape Device.