Where Can I Post Digital Photos Online?

Digital camera pictures are easy to post on the internet for your friends and family members to enjoy. In fact, there are many online alternatives for amateur photographers to post their digital photo collections. Just to name a few, here are several sites which offer digital photo uploading: flickr, Picasa, MobileMe, Fotki, Shutterfly and Zoomr. Let’s discuss each of these sites.

Flickr by Yahoo

Flickr not only offers easy file-sharing interfaces online, but it combines these with large discussion groups and forums for the photography-impaired. While you’re sharing your family’s photos with faraway siblings and cousins, you can get nice how-to advice from a varied community of photography enthusiasts. Flickr allows for a free membership which allows you up to 200 photography uploads before they begin to drop off. If you pay $24 a year, you’ll get 100 mb of uploads per month, which should be enough of a photostream for most avid photographers.


It’s easier to create a flickr account with a Yahoo email address, but these don’t take long at all to sign up for. Flickr users can use up to eight different languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Chinese and Japanese.

Google Picasa 3

The latest Picasa is “Picasa 3”. Picasa is google’s answer to flickr, and it allows users to “find, edit and share” digital photos with other members. If you want your friends to enjoy your Picasa pictures, all they have to do is sign up. Google Picasa has easy tools to let you organize pictures, edit digital photos or even create collages, slideshows and movies with the digital pictures you’ve snapped. And once you upload your photos on “Picasa Web Albums”, you can direct your family, friends and the worldwide community check out your pictures.

Picasa interfaces with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Linux and Mac OS X. To upload photos from a Mac, simply download their “Mac Uploader” software.

MobileMe from Apple

If you want complete compatability with Apple products, your best bet is probably “MobileMe”. Mobile Me is designed and maintained by Apple, so it’s built to interface with Mac products. You might know MobileMe from its sync services for iPods and iPhones, but it offers so much more than just podcasts and iTunes downloads. Apple’s “Mobile Me” includes apps downloads as well as photo file sharing functions, with a whole load of support software on their “Imaging and 3D” pages.

For instance, the “JetPhoto Studio 4.2” allows you to create Flash galleries and web galleries, as well as publishing web albums. You can even geotag digital photos with your GPS. “EasyFrame” allows you to frame your photos, adding a classy touch to the photos your post on the internet. There are a half-dozen other software downloads to help your digital photography, including “PhotoTiles”, “Adobe Photoshop Lightroom”, “Adobe Camera Raw”, “Shape Collage” and “Raw Photo Processor”.


Zooomr is a more traditional photo filesharing website. It’s a nice, straightforward web photo site. When you enter Zooomr, you see 100 photos right from the start, so you can begin exploring other members’ digital photos. You can also search the best pictures over the last day, the last week, the last month or the last year. And if you have friends or family members also on the site, you can use the Zoomr search function to quickly find them.

Meet photographers from all other the world, with membership language options including Engish, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Chinese, Japanese and Korean. New members get unlimited photo sharing for your family and friends. The site is maintained by five different fellows, so you get a personal touch that you might not get from sites like flickr, Picasa or Mobileme. In fact, all five of the people have bios with links to their own digital photo albums.

Shutterfly Photo Sharing Online

Shutterfly is a slick photo sharing community, with unlimited picture storage (for free) and up to 25 free 4×6 photo prints. Through a partnering plan, you can pick your Shutterfly prints at the nearest Target store, or get free shipping on order of $25 or more.

When you enter the Shutterfly website and register, you can go to “My Shutterfly” to look at your digital photo portfolio or see your favorites. There are also “My Pictures” and “Share” photos options, which will help you build your photo album. Members also have a photo community where they can get advice on taking photos and editing them, and a store where you can buy prints or upgrades to your digital camera equipment.

Shutterfly allows you to organize and show your photos, or enhance them with their own photo enhancement tools (cropping photos, removing “red-eye” effects and choosing from over 400 frames and borders). “Shutterfly Share” also allows you to share your photos and offer personal stories to go along with each photo or photo assortment. Finally, you can build photo books, collages or calendars with your picture collection.

Fotki Photo Community

Fotki is another great resource for digital photographers. Fotki users enjoy free unlimited photo hosting (for bloggers), photo contests for members, room for both photo albums and videos, and even prints of your photographs for $0.09 (for 4″x 6″ and 4″ xD photos). The cost for 5″ x 7″ photo prints is $0.40, while the cost for 8×10 photos is $1.50 apiece.

You can search Fotki under different categories, like color, car, sport, faces, fun, nature, travel, city, macro and animal. You can see the most active members in the US, the most visited members and even the top groups of photographers on Fotki.