Who Sells Kindle?

Who Sells Kindle?

Since the Kindle’s release in 2007, industry analysts estimate that Amazon has sold over 5 million units, though the actual numbers haven’t been released. For a long time, you could only purchase the Kindle directly from Amazon, but in recent months, major American retailers have gotten into the Kindle game, selling the device as part of a deal with Amazon.

eBooks now make up 15 percent of the American book sales market, and this move to introduce Amazon’s popular eReader into the bricks and mortar retail store market should push that number even higher. Here’s a look at three stores where you can buy Amazon’s Kindle device right now.

Buy Kindle at TargetWho Sells Kindle?

There are 1,203 Target stores in America, including 230 of the behemoth “Super Target” locations in 22 different states. Amazon’s deal to put Kindles in Target stores exposes millions of people to the device in a familiar retail setting. Assuming that some people have resisted purchasing the Kindle because of their lack of familiarity with buying products online, moving into retail giants like Target could really boost their sales figures.

Target is selling the Kindle as low as $114, but this deal is only available in-store. Amazon’s deal with Target requires that they don’t compete with Amazon’s online Kindle sales, a tactic Amazon would repeat with other Kindle retail deals.

Buy Kindle at Best Buy

With 1,070 stores in the United States, the sale of Kindles at Best Buy was another big victory for Amazon. ┬áThe cheapest Kindle device at Best Buy is only slightly more expensive than at Target–$114.99, less than a dollar higher than the deal offered by Target.

I bought my Kindle through Best Buy, mostly because I got a nice-sized Best Buy gift card as a gift and had been wanting to upgrade to a top-of-the-line Kindle for a few months now. Since the Kindle prices are essentially the same no matter what retailer you shop, choosing a retail store was more about which stores were closest to my home and the fact that I had a gift card.

Buy Kindle at Staples

There are over 2,000 Staples stores worldwide, though right now only their US locations are selling Kindles. Prices on Staples’ Kindle devices are identical to those found at Target and Best Buy. One annoying thing I found out about purchasing a Kindle at Staples is that the store doesn’t stock the item–you will most likely have to “special order” your Kindle device.

Like the other retailers on this list, expect Staples to use interest in their sale of Kindles to pimp their other brands of eReaders, usually cheaper and less-known devices like Staples’ Aluratek LIBRA. Staples advertises this device (priced at $99) directly below their Kindle devices when you do a generic site search for “Kindle,” and for good reason. People are likely to go for the cheaper device, even if they’re only saving $15, especially if they don’t care about the brand name.

It is no longer true that you have to shop at Amazon.com to buy the Kindle. Major retailers are making deals with Amazon to sell the mega-popular Kindle eBook reader in their retail stores . . . just don’t expect to buy a Kindle online from anyone but Amazon in the near future.