Did Lisa Rinna Have Plastic Surgery Before Her Playboy Pics?

Did Lisa Rinna Have Plastic Surgery?

Lisa Rinna — best known for her acting roles on TV shows like Melrose Place, Days of Our Lives, and Veronica Mars – first posed for Playboy magazine in 1998, when she was six months pregnant. Maybe you remember her Playboy shoot because of the controversy that sprang up. Rinna’s first shoot featured her on the front cover in all her pregnant glory, wearing a very revealing sweater and not much else.

Lisa Rinna will grace the pages of Playboy again, now aged 45. Rinna has been quoted as saying that she is “in better shape” now than she was 11 years ago, when she first posed for the magazine. This led people to wonder if she’d had any work done. It isn’t often that a 45 year old woman is featured in Playboy, probably best known for their shoots featuring college age women.

Lisa Rinna Admits to Botox

Rinna admits openly that she has had some minor work done over the years, including Botox and juvederm. Rinna openly admits that getting juvederm in her cheeks was a big mistake, telling US magazine that she “looked life a freak”, but she still uses Botox and is a big fan of the substance.  

Interestingly enough, Playboy instructed Lisa Rinna to not work out before her shoot. According to Rinna, the photographer Deborah Anderson said that Playboy was looking for a “soft” look, and didn’t want Rinna to “work out too much” or “starve herself” before the shoot. This would imply that Rinna didn’t have any work done specifically for her appearance in the men’s magazine — but some people have their doubts.

Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery Opinions

This article from Celebitchy.com pokes fun at Rinna’s overall look, and even implies that she’s had more work done than she admits to. Here’s another opinionated blogger from Cougars Wild Kingdom who weighs in on the amount of work Rinna has had.

Just looking at Lisa Rinna’s face will give you some idea about the extent of work she’s had done on her face – her lips are infamously plump and slightly misshapen due to surgery or injections. The logic of most celebrity gossip writers seems to be that “someone who has had so much work up top must have had something done to her body as well”. On the other hand, Rinna is famous for her workout habits – anytime Playboy magazine tells someone to stop working out, you know they must put in a ton of time at the gym.

Since Lisa Rinna has only admitted to getting Botox injection and juvederm treatments, we can only verify that she has had that work done, but many gossip writers and bloggers assume she’s had other work done.

As far as how much work she’s had done recently, specifically for her new Playboy shoot? The photographer for Playboy has told her the magazine wants to see a “soft look”, and I doubt there’s a plastic surgeon in the world who would agree to “soften you up” with a few nips and tucks.

Pick up a copy of the May issue of Playboy and check out Lisa Rinna’s shoot for yourself.