Where Can You Find the Cheapest LCD TV?

Where Can You Find the Cheapest LCD TV?

LCD TVs have been around since the late 80s when Sharp introduced a relatively small LCD TV — a fourteen inch screen described as more of a “boutique” item rather than a TV for everyday use.

LCD technology used to be very expensive (hence the small size of the 1988 LCD TV screen) and with the rise of plasma screens in the late 90s and early 2000s most people thought LCD was dead in the water. Due to the high cost of plasma screens (a cost that never really went down) and the advances in LCD technology, LCD stuck around and by 2006 were cheaper and more widely available than plasma.

Because of this boom in LCD technology, prices have really started to come down. It is common to find a decently-sized (26 – 32 inch) LCD HDTV for around $600 – $700.

But what’s a technophile to do if he wants to score a big screen LCD HDTV and doesn’t want to pay an arm and a leg? Discount retailers.

Deals on LCD TVs

Pricing LCD TVs is a matter of matching your wants with what deals are available. You might be drooling over a 52-inch 1080p widescreen LCD HDTV from Samsung but unless you’ve got $2,000 in your TV budget, that might be a bit unrealistic.

The best way to save money shopping for an LCD TV is a one-two punch — cut back on your expectations a little and shop at retailers who offer big discounts.

I’ve been browsing Overstock.com this morning looking at LCD television prices. That massive and powerful Samsung we were just talking about? Overstock has it for sale at just under $1,500 — that’s greater than $500 savings without really doing too much digging.

Another way to save a little money on LCD TVs is to shop for refurbished items.  Websites like RefurbDepot.com and SavingLots.com have plenty of refurbished LCD TVs to choose from all carrying big discounts on the sticker price. Just looking at their front pages, I see a 55-inch Olevia 1080p LCD HDTV for under $1,200 which is a savings of around $400.

Refurbished LCD TVs

There’s no reason to be scared of refurbished LCD TVs. ¬†If you buy a “factory refurbished” TV set, you can still get a manufacturer’s warranty or even a warranty extension on the original warranty. Buying a refurbished LCD TV is a great way to save money on otherwise expensive technology while still ensuring you’ll get the best customer service. Especially if you can secure a manufacturer’s extended warranty.

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