Will The Days Of Our Lives Be Canceled Soon?

Will The Days of Ours Lives By Canceled Soon?

After an 18-month renewal in November 2008, Days of Our Lives is signed to continue on NBC until September 2010 , but there have been constant rumors of a cancellation since Guiding Light was canceled in September 2007. In fact, there were rumors at the time that The Days Of Our Lives would not survive 2009, at least before the renewal.

Declining ratings in the summer of 2007 made this seem a certainty, but changes in writers and an 11th-hour new contract seemed to save the show at the time. Rumors have continued to persist throughout 2009, though.

The Days Of Our Lives is now NBC’s only traditional soap opera, so the rumors are probably fueled by the logic that NBC might be getting out of the soap opera business. Rumors also suggest that The Days Of Our Lives could be picked up by another network (possibly ABC) if NBC were to cancel the show.

The Days Of Our Lives Picked Up By Another Network?

ABC still supports a number of soap operas, so it might be a good fit for The Days of Our Lives. Other speculation has centered on the soap opera being picked up by DirecTV, like Passions was when it was canceled. Most fans of The Days Of Our Lives would prefer the show to be aired on a big network like ABC, because they would be more likely to see the show in its traditional time slot and format.

The Days Of Our Lives – 44 Years & Counting


The Days of Our Lives has been on the air since 1965, originally being written and produced by Ted and Betty Corday. Corday & Co have remained involved in the production of the soap opera through much of its history, though Ted Corday died in 1966 and Betty Corday died in 1987.

Many soap opera watchers associate The Days Of Our Lives with the bizarre and sometimes supernatural storylines of the 1990’s, when Marlena was possessed by the Devil in a 1994-95 plotline and the “Cruise of Deception” storyline of 1990, which included the mad Ernesto Tuscano holding much of the cast captive on his cruise ship and set up many of the resulting off-kilter storylines of the 1990’s-era Days Of Our Lives broadcasts.

The 2000’s haven’t been nearly as strange, though masked psychopaths have turned up occasionally. One popular storyline revealed the beginnings of the Brady & DiMera Feud. Despite some high moments, ratings have declined and new writing and production teams have been brought in frequently. At one point in 2007, The Days Of Our Lives had the lowest ratings of any daytime soap opera.

The Days Of Our Lives – 2010 Cancellation Rumors

It’s possible The Days Of Our Lives will be canceled in 2010, given that it’s hard for NBC to sell advertising blocks for only one daytime soap. If ratings take a downturn again, that could prove the end for The Days Of Our Lives, too. But even if that happens, there’s a good chance that The Days Of Our Lives continues on with another network, and perhaps one willing to do what it takes to make DOOL a ratings success again.

So join letter writing campaigns to save The Days Of Our Lives if you want to, but know that a series cancellation isn’t always the end of the show.

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