How Many Hotel Rooms Are There in Las Vegas?

That would be a tough question to answer precisely, but I’ll try to give a round figure idea of how many hotel rooms you’ll find in Las Vegas. Keep in mind there are three different hotel areas in Las Vegas: the Las Vegas strip, off the strip and downtown. According to the New York Times, there were 151,000 hotel rooms in Las Vegas in 2007. The number of hotel rooms continues to grow in Las Vegas all the time, given the continuing expansion of hotel space in the city.

Number of Las Vegas Hotel Rooms

So if you ask “How many hotel rooms are there in Las Vegas?”, I would answer there are somewhere around 155,000 by now.

Look at how many hotel rooms there were in Las Vegas over the decades, and you’ll see what I mean about the rapid growth of hotel room space in Las Vegas. For instance, there were “only” 35,000 hotel rooms or so in Las Vegas in the mid-1970’s. At the time, Vegas was considered to be in decline, with the American economy in a downturn and the city plagued by its seedy image. But the American corporate culture came to Las Vegas in the 1980’s and Steve Wynn began building casinos in the area, so that there were three times that number — 105,000 hotel rooms — by the early 1990’s.

Best Hotel Rooms in Las Vegas


When you ask how many hotel rooms there are in Las Vegas with 4-Diamond ratings, there are between 15,000 and 20,000 rooms with that status. This makes Las Vegas the American city with the most high-rated hotel rooms in the city, better even than Chicago and New York City. Given the huge number of gambling tourists and high rollers who show up in Las Vegas at any given time, this is good news for those looking for high-rated hotel rooms. You should be able to find hotel rooms both on the Las Vegas Strip and off the strip that can accommodate your tastes.

If you want to know how many hotel rooms are there in Las Vegas hotels by the individual hotel, you should know that twenty of the thirty biggest U.S. hotels are found in the Las Vegas area. The largest hotels in Sin City including Circus Circus Hotel, Mandalay Bay Hotel, the Mirage Hotel, the Venetian, Monte Carlo Hotel, the Bellagio and the Riviera. The number of hotels in this group range from the Circus Circus, with nearly 4,000 hotel rooms, to the Riviera Hotel with just over 2,000 hotel rooms.

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