How Much Does Annual Travel Insurance Cost?

If you can afford to travel multiple times per year, you can afford annual travel insurance costs. Travel insurance tends to cost between 5% and 10% of the cost of the trip. It’s harder to estimate what percentage your annual or multi-trip travel insurance plan is going to cost, because people’s annual travel needs have a high standard deviation.

On average, you can assume that Annual travel insurance will cost closer to 5% of the price of your combined travel expenses for the year, because of the “bulk rate” discount you get for buying combined travel insurance. Remember, annual travel insurance plans cost the same for the person traveling three times per year as once a month, due to the fact that the insurance plan will usually cover all travels in that year.

Annual Travel Insurance Comparative Prices

Maybe a better way to answer the question “How much does annual travel insurance cost?”, I should show you some annual travel insurance comparative prices. Comparative shopping is a great way to learn where the good deals are and how much you should pay for an item or service. If you look at the premium price of one annual travel insurance company, you have no idea if that price is a bargain or an outrageous scam. But if you start to look at the prices for three or four other competitors and compare them, you’ll begin to get an idea what the industry norms are. You can then sift through the prices and begin to tell which annual travel insurance costs are bargains, and which are a little too good to be true. Keep in mind to look not just at prices, but also the types of coverage you are buying.

Medevac Annual Travel Insurance


Medevac annual travel insurance for one person of an average age (38) is currently $188 per year. This price covers $50,000 in medical expenses, has the option for coverage of “adventure sports” activities, emergency medical transportation costs for up to 2 persons in your family, $25,000 for accidental death and dismemberment (so you can pay for the funeral and such), with the standard travel medical assistance, emergency travel assistance, concierge services and identity theft restoration services thrown into the package.

TravelRite Annual Travel Insurance

Travel Rite annual travel insurance for one person of the same age is $261. This buys you $10,000 insurance in medical expenses, up to $100,000 in emergency medical transportation costs, $300 for lost, stolen, damaged baggage and travel documents, $200 for credit card protection, $150 for baggage delay and bag tracking fees, $25,000 for car rental collision coverage, travel medical assistance, worldwide travel assistance, and the option to add trip cancellation protections and trip interruption protection.

Voyager Annual Travel Insurance

Voyager offers three different annual travel insurance packages: Voyager Basic, Voyager Plus and Voyager Elite. Voyager Basic costs $69 per year, and offers medical evacuation payments up to $50,000, accidental death and dismemberment fees of $25,000 and 24-hour assistance. Voyager Plus costs $194 and offers medical coverage up to $10,000, medical evacuation up to $100,000, accidental death and dismemberment up to $100,000 and 24-hour assistance. Voyager Elite costs a whopping $544, but it offers medical coverage up to $250,000, medical evacuation up to $250,000, accidental death & dismemberment up to $100,000 and Personal VIP Assistance, which is the same as 24-hour assistance, except with concierge services and flight and hotel re-booking assistance.

Interactive Annual Travel Insurance

Interactive annual travel insurance can be bought for only $79, and it comes with $10,000 emergency evacuation, $10,000 for the repatriation of remains (on death), flight accident up to $1,000,000, accidental death & dismemberment up to $1 million, terrorism coverage (unless weapons of mass destruction are used) and 24-hour assistance. This coverage plan covers trips up to 185 in length.

MedJetAssist Annual Travel Insurance

Med Jet Assist annual travel insurance comes in four different packages: 90-day, 180-day, 270-day and 365-day annual insurance travel plans. The 90-day plan costs $250 for an individual. The 180-day plan costs $420, while the 270 day play costs $520. Finally, annual travel insurance for a full 365-day trip costs $655. This plan offers unlimited transport to the hospital of your choice, remains returned to member’s place of residence (no maximum) and pay emergency reunion fees for travel companions at time of accident.

Annual Travel Insurance Summary

So as you can see, the question, “How much does annual travel insurance cost” gets complicated real quick. These are just a few of the internet’s top annual travel insurance providers, but it should give you an idea of the price ranges we are talking about. The cost of annual travel insurance fluctuates wildly, given the length of time you’re going to be away and the amount of coverage you want.

That being said, if you plan on a long trip where your normal medical expenses and life insurance doesn’t cover the bills, it’s essential you buy some annual travel insurance. You should be able to find some multi-trip or annual medical insurance that’s priced for your budgetary needs, but also hedges some of the extreme costs of an accident or death on a vacation or trip.

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