How Much Does Backpacker Travel Insurance Cost?

Backpacker travel insurance is a good investment for students strapped for cash, if they don’t want to become even more strapped for cash. The costs of unwanted circumstances on a trip can get costly quick, so it’s nice to have a backup plan if something happens. The costs of buying backpacker insurance isn’t too much, if you can scrape it together.

When getting the “how much does backpacker travel insurance cost” type questions, I often wonder if I shouldn’t translate my question into U.K. pounds or Euros. Many of these questions come from younger generation individuals in England or the continent, where backpacking excursions are a little more prevalent. I’ll go ahead and place the prices in dollars for the time being though, and hope you can do the translation yourself when it comes time to travel.

The good news for young travelers is you’ll find a competitive backpacker travel insurance industry wherever you need to buy the insurance. Because so many travel insurance firms are found online, each firm is competing against every other firm for every possible customer. So you should be able to find relatively affordable insurance, even for a struggling or starving study. For a two-week vacation, you can expect to find backpacker travel insurance for around $50, which comes to about 25 British pounds these days. I’ll try to give a full rundown of some of the top competitors below.

European Backpack Travel Insurance Costs

Here are three of the leading competitors that offer European backpack travel insurance. Costs for both World Nomads and Travelers are based in the United Kingdom, while Down Under obviously comes from Australia. “Down Under” specializes in backpacker insurance, while “World Nomads” also targets that demographic, too. Travelers Insurance is an insurance giant. I wanted to include Endsleigh Insurance in this comparison, but their price quote tool wasn’t working at the time this article was written.

UK World Nomads Down Under (for Europe) Travelers
2 Weeks £31 ($54) £16 (17 days) N/A
3 Months £92 ($158) £47 £32.38 (gold coverage)
12 Months £232 £167 £119.02 (gold coverage)


As you can see, the most affordable appears to be Travelers Insurance, but this can be deceptive. Each basic backpackers insurance package will cover different events, so the more expensive backpackers insurance is likely to cover a larger number of emergencies.

Travelers Backpacking Insurance

Travelers covers flight cancellation, curtailment, medical expenses up to £3,000,000, repatriation costs, delayed baggage costs, holiday abandonment, hijacking, missed departures, personal accident, personal liability, “catastrophe” cover, legal expenses, baggage loss and the loss of personal money.

Word Nomads Back Packer Insurance

World Nomads covers medical emergencies and evacuation, the various costs associated with trip cancellations, the loss of personal belongings like baggage and money.

Down Under Backpackers Insurance

Down Under not only gives coverage of 24-hour medical expenses, but also covers over 80 different adventure sports. Another neat feature is that Down Under Insurance give you 25% of your coverage is you unexpectedly travel out of your “cover area”. This means, if you get a one-year policy for travel inside Australia, you get 3 months of free coverage if you go to America or the United Kingdom. Many travel insurance companies won’t cover you when you travel beyond the boundaries of your planned coverage.

Backpacking Insurance Quotes

The above backpacking insurance quotes will change over time, but should give you a nice little cross-section of what backpacker travel insurance premiums will cost. As you can see, if you are “backpacking” through Europe or America, you can get good travel medical insurance for $50 or more. If you plan on traveling and qualify for backpackers travel insurance, I would definitely recommend you and your boyfriend acquiring this kind of travel insurance.

Good luck in your travels.

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