How to Book a Hotel Room, Cheap

There are many ways to book a hotel room, from doing it yourself to using a travel agent to using a hotel booking agency. How you book a hotel room depends on how much trouble you want to go to and how much money you’re willing to spend. Let me cover the different ways of how you can book a hotel room,
cheap, and in English.

Booking a Hotel Room Yourself

If you already know the hotel room you want to book, you might consider booking the room yourself. If you enjoy reading reviews of hotel rooms and researching your upcoming trip or vacation, you might choose to spend the extra time to book a hotel room. This might save you money, or it might not. Before I explain that vague sentence, let’s talk about how you go about booking your own hotel room.

  1. Find the Hotel Room You Want – Whether you do exhaustive research into the best hotel rooms or you simply want to stay in the same hotel you stayed in last year, you need to decide which hotel room you want to reserve. Once you know this, booking a room becomes a simple process.
  2. Go to the Hotel’s Website – Go to the website of the hotel where you’ll be staying and research the deals. Consider calling the hotel with the phone number you find on their website and ask what kind of bargains and deals they have. Be polite and you’ll get better results.
  3. Ask Questions for Best Results – If you have questions about hotel room details, make certain to ask before reserving a room. Ask about their pets policy or smoking policy if it matters, and discuss ease of access issues like parking and proximity to the sites you want to visit. Don’t have any surprises waiting for you on your vacation.
  4. Reserve Your Room – Select your room and give your credit card information. You’ll be asked to give information or submit a prepayment or deposit before you can reserve your room.
  5. Confirm Your Room – Sometime after you make your reservation, call back to confirm your reservation. You don’t want to show up during your trip only to find your reservation was never made. This could cost you time and money on your vacation, and make it hard to find decent accommodations if you show up on a convention weekend or holiday.

How Do I Book a Hotel Room With a Travel Agent?


Booking a hotel room yourself is the hard way. Booking through a travel agent is the old-fashioned way. A travel agent presumably knows the best deals on hotel rooms in the city you’ll be traveling to. A travel agent also gets feedback from previous customers, so they are familiar with the trial-and-error process of finding good hotel rooms. Finally, if the travel agent sends a lot of customers to a hotel, that agent might get bargains on hotel rooms. Even charging you a fee, the travel agent might get you a cheaper hotel room than you can book yourself.

The travel agent offers a personal touch if you want a professional to book rooms for you, assuming you go through a smaller travel agency. At the same time, the travel agent isn’t likely to arrange the cheapest hotel rooms for you. That is likely to go to the big hotel booking agency specialist corporation.

How Do I Book A Hotel Room With a Hotel Booking Agency?

In the age of the internet, there are hotel booking agencies with large hotel booking affiliate programs. These people send huge numbers of customers to a hotel in any given year. Because of this, the hotel booking agency gets really good deals with the hotels they deal with. Think of the hotel booking agency as the Sam’s Warehouse of hotel room reservations. They handle high volumes of hotel room reservations, so they reserve the hotel rooms at cheaper rates. They charge you a fee, but can still keep your prices lower than if you were booking the hotel room yourself.

Another advantage of the travel agent or hotel booking agency is that you don’t have to take the trouble yourself. You let the booking agency know exactly what kind of hotel room you want and how much you are willing to pay for the room, and they take care of the rest.

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