How to Make a Hotel Booking Without a Credit Card

As a general rule, the answer is “no, you can not make a hotel
booking without a credit card”. Read below for certain exceptions to this rule.

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Most hotels you’ll ever want to make reservations at will require a
credit card. Many hotels have policies for booking, such as credit card information, minimum length of stay requirements, or a prepayment in the form of a prior deposit. Since you’ll be booking these rooms over the
Internet or over the phone, you are going to need to use a credit card for these money transactions. This way, if you don’t show up, the reservation isn’t a total loss to the hotel. Also, credit cards allow the hotel to charge you if you wreck their room.

This isn’t a categorical “no”. You could no doubt find hotels in this world that will make a reservation or book you a room without taking down your credit card numbers, but those will be the exception. The vast majority will not reserve a hotel room without a credit card. The hotel chains are almost certain to require credit card information. You have to ask yourself whether you want to stay at
any hotel that doesn’t have such a requirement.

Can I Make a Hotel Booking Using Paypal?

Yes, there are hotel companies that accept reservation prepayments through Paypal. For example, you might see your payment options as Visa, Mastercard or Paypal. If so, you can
book a hotel room without a credit card.

That’s only partially true, of course. Paypal itself requires either your credit card information or your bank account information. So if you’re squeemish about giving out your credit card information or bank account information to anyone, then you may still be hesitant to use the Paypal option. Maybe you’ll think differently after I explain.

hotel-booking-without-creditPaypal is an online money transaction service. You can send and receive money payments through your Paypal account, which can then be sent to your bank account. Paypal has top-of-the-line security, because that’s their whole business model. Also, Paypal is a major, legitimate company.

Paypal was created by the people who founded Ebay. Ebay is the internet’s biggest trade fair or flea market, where people can buy and sell an endless variety of goods and items. Because Ebay needed an efficient system for handling all these money transactions without exposing peoples’ credit card information to abuse, they created Paypal. Most transactions on Ebay are Paypal-preferred or Paypal-only. Because of the huge success of this money transfer system, Paypal has become a trusted money process option for non-Ebay users in all kinds of internet professions. You and anyone else in the world can exchange money, but neither of you has access to the other’s credit card information, because you go through a trusted third-party. Paypal takes a small fee, but otherwise, you’re secure.

Hotel Credit Card Booking Policy

Unfortunately, not every hotel credit card booking policy allows people to use Paypal or cash for hotel reservations and hotel bookings. In fact, most probably do not. So for most of your travel needs, you need a
credit card to make a hotel reservation or to reserve a
car rental.

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