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Much like an air and hotel travel guide, our “travel questions & answers” section is designed to provide you with the latest travel advice and travel tips. We will discuss topics that involve hotel finders, hotel fares, online travel angencies and more.

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What Are the Best Places to Ski?

The best places to ski in the US depend on where you are. There is such a wide range of great places to go it may be best to zone in on different geographic regions and different types of skiing to look at the best places.

How Do I Book a Hotel Room?


There are many ways to book a hotel room, from doing it yourself to using a travel agent to using a hotel booking agency. How you book a hotel room depends on how much trouble you want to go to and how much money you’re willing to spend.

What Is The Best Time To Book A Hotel?

If you’re ever considered taking a trip, you’ve probably asked yourself, “What is the best time to book a hotel?”. This is a common question, and most people have no idea when to book for maximum savings.

Can I Make a Hotel Booking Without a Credit Card?

As a general rule, the answer is “no”. Read below for certain exceptions to this rule. Most hotels you’ll ever want to make reservations at will require a credit card.

What Is a Hotel Booking Affiliate Program?

A hotel affiliate program is a revenue-sharing program between a hotel booking agency and third-party websites. There are internet websites out there called “online hotel finders”, whose business model it is to locate affordable hotel rooms for customers.

How Do I Cancel a Hotel Room?

Most of the time, cancelling a hotel room is easy. Most hotels have a website or 800-number (or both) where you can log in to cancel your hotel reservation.

Why Should I Use An Online Hotel Finder?

If you’re asking yourself, “Why should I use an online hotel finder?”, then you’ve come to the right place to get your answer. Online hotel finders allow you to quickly scan the Internet and locate the best available deals on rooms around the globe.

Which Hotel Finder Websites Show Pictures of the Entire Hotel Rooms?

Before booking a hotel room online, an important question to ask is “Which hotel finder websites show pictures of the entire hotel rooms?”. If you don’t know what the room looks like in advance, how do you know you’ll like it?

Why Is Las Vegas Called Sin City?

I personally think “Sin City” is the best nickname for an American city, and it’s certainly the most accurate one. So why is Las Vegas called “Sin City”? The short answer is that Las Vegas is tolerant to various forms of “adult entertainment”, mainly prostitution and strip clubs.

What Kind of Services Are Available at the Las Vegas Airport?

You get the full range of services at the Las Vegas Airport. Given the huge number of tourists and gamblers coming into Las Vegas, you’ll find the car rental services and hotel access more numerous and closer than in many American cities.

What Is the Best Hotel in Las Vegas?

That’s one of the hardest questions I’ve ever received. Selecting one hotel from all of the great hotel casino & resorts in Las Vegas as the finest, best hotel is a daunting task.

How Many Hotel Rooms Are There In Las Vegas?

That would be a tough question to answer precisely, but I’ll try to give a round figure idea of how many hotel rooms you’ll find in Las Vegas. Keep in mind there are three different hotel areas in Las Vegas: the Las Vegas strip, off the strip and downtown.

How Many Hotels Are There in Las Vegas?

At the moment, there are about 113 hotels in Las Vegas. Some of these Las Vegas hotels exist downtown, some Las Vegas hotels are found on the strip and some Vegas hotels are found “off the strip”.

Where Can I Find Cheap Hotels In Las Vegas?

If you’ve ever loaded up a car with friends and headed to Sin City for the weekend, you may have asked yourself, “Where can I find cheap hotels in Las Vegas?”.

Where Can I Find a Map of Las Vegas Hotels?

Whether you want to find an online map of Las Vegas hotels or real life hand map of the hotels of Las Vegas, the following information should help you locate what you’re looking for.

Do People Still Get Married in Las Vegas All the Time?

Yes, lots and lots of people get married in Las Vegas every year. Las Vegas remains the “Marriage Capital of the World”, as it has often been called.

What Is Annual Travel Insurance?

Annual travel insurance is a combination of travel insurance, travel medical insurance and travel life insurance for the frequent traveler.

What Is Backpacker Travel Insurance?

Backpacker travel insurance is a kind of travel insurance plan. Backpacker insurance is a short-term, affordable insurance package that is meant to cover emergencies that happen when you go backpacking across the country, or otherwise travel.

How Do I Find Cheap Backpacker Travel Insurance?

Finding cheap backpacker travel insurance isn’t always the best plan. Finding good backpacker travel insurance at an affordable price is a better option. If that’s what you mean, I’ll try to direct you in the proper direction.

How Much Does Backpacker Travel Insurance Cost?

Backpacker travel insurance is a good investment for students strapped for cash, if they don’t want to become even more strapped for cash. The costs of unwanted circumstances on a trip can get costly quick, so it’s nice to have a backup plan if something happens.

Where Can I Find Cheap Travel Insurance?

Cheap travel insurance is easy to find, though I would warn you not to select the cheapest insurance just for the sake of getting a cheap travel insurance plan.

How Much Does Travel and Medical Insurance Cost?

If you have looked into your personal medical insurance situation and found that your insurance plan doesn’t cover travel outside of the country or to certain parts of our country, you definitely need to buy some medical travel insurance before you get on a flight.

How Much Does Annual Travel Insurance Cost?

If you can afford to travel multiple times per year, you can afford annual travel insurance costs. Travel insurance tends to cost between 5% and 10% of the cost of the trip.

What Is Supplementary Travel Medical Insurance?

Supplementary travel medical insurance is a type of special insurance policy used to cover expenses that are not covered by your standard medical insurance plan.

Do I Need Travel and Medical Insurance?

People need “travel medical insurance” if their regular health insurance doesn’t cover their travel health care or if they have a real danger of losing money from some accident while traveling.

Travel Tips

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Where can I find information about traveling internationally?

International Travel Tips can be found here.
is the best resource for international travelers that we’ve found.

Is My Passport the Only ID I Need When Traveling Overseas?

Proper photo identification and documents are required for all domestic and international travel. Photo identification will need to be shown at the ticket counter, security checkpoints and during boarding. Here is a link to the US Airways Travel Planning page it tells you everything you need to have at the airport. Have a great trip!

How can I get a good deal on airfare on the web?

Travelocity offers great prices on airfare, hotels and car rentals.