What Are Gift Experiences?

What Are Gift Experiences?

A “gift experience” is any gift that allows the receiver to have a completely interactive experience. As opposed to regular gifting, in which you give a person a wad of cash or a new pair of boxers, “gift experiences” are usually one-time-only experiences that last for a few hours.

Gift Experience Vouchers and Certificates

What Are Some Examples of Gift Experiences?

The term “gift experiences” covers a huge variety of gifts, from skydiving trips to rock-climbing, surfing, and even all-day spa visits. Here’s a short list of some popular gift experiences:

  • ghost-hunting
  • rock climbing
  • jet-skiing
  • bungee-jumping
  • white water rafting
  • create-your-own-perfume
  • spa days for two
  • makeovers
  • photoshoots

What Are Gift Experiences?Though this list is by no means complete, you get the idea now what kinds of things make up a good “gift experience”.

How Do I Find a Gift Experience?

Though the gift experience is bigger in countries outside the US (for now) there are still plenty of gift experience packages to be found here in America.

Search online for “American gift experience” or “gift experience USA” and you’ll find hundreds of results. Depending on your specific location, you may need to find a “local” gift experience or you can plan a vacation around a gift experience that takes place elsewhere.

GreatAmericanDays.com offers nine different categories of gift experiences, everything from all-day cookings classes and thrilling pilot and flying lessons to simpler spa and yoga packages. You can find these gift experiences in cities across the country, from Albuquerque to Wichita. This makes it easy for you to find a local experience or travel to one near you.

How Do I Present a Gift Experience?

One of the big hassles in gifting an “experience” as opposed to a physical gift is that your gift experience doesn’t usually come with a physical thing to hand a person you’re gifting. Even if the company you buy your gift experience through hands you a receipt or voucher, handing someone an itemized bill lacks the romance of a gift they can hold in their hand.

Get around this by printing up a nice announcement of the gift experience — include pictures and as many details about the trip as you can. Place this in an envelope along with a detailed description of the gift experience, and hand THIS package to the person you love. This is a guaranteed win in the gifting department, especially if you keep the gift a surprise as long as possible.

What Are Some Problems With Gift Experiences?

The last thing you want to do is buy the wrong gift experience. This is really the only roadblock on your path to the perfect gift experience. If you’re buying a gift for your 60 year old aunt Betty, you may want to skip over the NASCAR experience and go more in the direction of a day-long spa trip or something a bit less adventurous. On the other hand, you don’t want to gift too close to a person’s type. Maybe aunt Betty does want to fly through the air at a million miles an hour in a fighter jet.

Choosing the right gift experience is key, as is presenting the gift appropriately. Nail these two steps, and your loved one’s gift experience will be perfect.

Gift Experience Vouchers and Certificates