What Is Backpacker Travel Insurance?

Backpacker travel insurance is a kind of travel insurance plan. Backpacker insurance is a short-term, affordable insurance package that is meant to cover emergencies that happen when you go backpacking across the country, or otherwise travel.

Generally, you can find backpack travel insurance in a number of different “western” nations, such as the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Also, you can find backpacker medical insurance in different time-windows: two weeks, three months, even up to 12 month packages.

What does backpacker insurance policy cover?

Along with asking “What is backpacker travel insurance?”, you might be wondering “What does backpacker insurance policy cover?”.

Backpacker travel insurance tends to cover medical emergencies that happen specifically during your travels. For instance, if you need medical assistance during your nomadic travels, backpacker travel insurance will pay for your medical expenses. If you need emergency dental assistance, backpacker insurance will cover those expenses. If your luggage is lost or stolen during your travels, backpack travel insurance covers the cost of replacing your luggage. And if some emergency in the family requires you to travel home unexpectedly, backpacker insurance will cover the expenses of expedited travel.

Compare Backpacker Travel Insurance Plans

Backpacker travel insurance plans come in many shapes and sizes. Like with any insurance plan you buy, ask your agent exactly what is covered in your insurance policy. The idea of supplementary travel insurance is to cover any gaps in your standard insurance plan, or to cover any emergencies that might happen while you’re out on the road. So don’t assume you have full coverage, only to find out your coverage is less than complete.


Verify everything. When you talk with your potential insurance provider, ask them “What is backpacker travel insurance”? Compare their answer with what you already know. Different peoples’ answers will be different, because the completeness of your travel insurance plan will vary. If your provider sounds like he or she doesn’t have the same idea of “full medical coverage” that you have, find a new provider. All it takes is a little online research and you’ll find the best backpacker travel insurance plans.

Though it will take a little more time and trouble, make sure you have medical expenses, dental expenses, luggage replacement expenses and emergency travel expenses covered in your backpacker travel insurance. As always, it pays to read the fine print and to ask lots of questions. There is no crime in making sure your backpacker travel insurance is the kind of full coverage you need.

Enjoy your time away.

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