What Is the Best Hotel in Las Vegas?

That’s one of the hardest questions I’ve ever received. Selecting one hotel from all of the great hotel casino & resorts in Las Vegas as the finest, best hotel is a daunting task. For one, not everyone has the same criteria for what they consider the best hotel. Is it the rooms, the food, the swimming pool, the shows, the casino, the prices, the overall atmosphere or some combination of the above?

Let’s take money out of the question, since the “Best Hotel in Las Vegas” implies quality, regardless of price.

Eight Best Hotels in Las Vegas – Top Luxury Hotel List

I’ll skip all talk of prices and mention a list of the “Eight Best Hotels in Las Vegas”. I would suggest that, if money is no object, you should eventually stay at all 8 and then write back with your opinion, Sidney. By that time, there will probably be a new hotel built that will put the rest to shame. As it stands right now, here are the best casinos in Vegas.

  1. MGM Grand Hotel – Since it’s named “grand”, it should come as no surprise that the MGM Grand is one of the biggest hotels in Las Vegas. Everything is one a huge scale, meant to impress. They have real live lions in the hobby of the hotel, just to begin. The food is awesome in the casino and the rooms are large. The MGM Grand spa is first rate and there are hip clubs in this place. If you want a casino that is a world unto itself, a place you can go and not have to leave even once, consider the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino.
  2. The Bellagio – The Bellagio is a place you go to show off your money. Everything costs in The Bellagio. The food, the rooms, even the casino is expensive — even by Las Vegas standards. If you want to show off your wallet or if you think money translates into quality, stay at The Bellagio. The restaurants are designed to take your money and you’ll see famous professional poker players sitting at the ring game in the casino. The Bellagio was Steve Wynn’s ode to opulence. You’ll even find a conservatory and botanical gardens there. If you want to know what a conservatory is, don’t look it up in the Webster’s; show up at The Bellagio and see for yourself.
  3. best-hotel-vegas
    Mandalay Bay Hotel
    – Many might answer your question about “what is the best hotel in Las Vegas” by simply answering “Mandalay Bay”. Mandalay Bay Casino & Resort definitely belongs on a Top 3 Las Vegas Casinos list. As it should be in Las Vegas, the rooms are huge. The beach are is a real beach area with real sand, so you won’t be sitting beside a pool. In fact, you are sitting on an artificial river which allows you to float by the crowd. Cocktail girls are everywhere, so you are waited on hand and foot. There are 11 restaurants in the place, including the famous Red Square. This place has everything from a House of Blues to Shark Aquarium. Mandalay Place is a great shopping experience. Once again, Mandalay Bay is a city-within-a-city.
  4. Paris Las Vegas – Paris Las Vegas is a great all-around casino, resort and hotel. Another of the landmarks of Las Vegas, this is the place with a replica Eiffel Tower outside. Located in the center of the Las Vegas Strip, this is a great place to stay if you want to get around the Strip. Like most of the others on this list, Paris Las Vegas has huge rooms. It also has one of the best staffs in the Las Vegas area, so you will want for nothing. Ah Sin is French-Asian cuisine at a nice price, while Mon Ami Gabi offers a casual restaurant (try the bread) with an amazing view of the fountain show at The Bellagio. The Eiffel Tower restaurant offers a grand view of the Las Vegas valley, so I would eat here just to see the full scope of the city. The Anthony Cools show is one of the most “adult” of all the adult shows in Vegas. Mr. Cools hypnotizes people and makes them do crazy things.
  5. Caesars Palace – Caesars Palace has been around longer than some of the others, but it still has class and style. This tribute to Ancient Rome has a “Forum” area with some of the best shops in Las Vegas, along with the best in hedonistic dining. The rooms in Caesars Palace are still large by today’s standards. There’s a huge pool area and the shows at Caesars Palace range from Elton John and Bette Midler to Cher. If these appeal to you, Caesars Palace remains quintessentially Vegas.
  6. Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Hotel – Planet Hollywood used to be the Aladdin Hotel, in case you’re wondering. The owners of Planet Owners kept the best of the old Aladdin and made changes where necessary. This is another great all-around experience, with immense rooms (with good special prices for those who do care about money) and nice concourse in the Miracle Mile shopping area. “Spice Market” is one of the best buffets in town, while Triq is a great spot to have a drink and meet other Vegas tourists. The Heart Bar leads two other nightclubs (Prive, Krave) at the Planet Hollywood, making this spot one of the best nightclub hotels in the city.
  7. Venetian Hotel and Casino – The Venetian Hotel is famous for its amazing restaurants, and this is another resort where you can go and never leave your entire stay. The rooms are big and well-decorated (just as the restaurant is) and the shopping at Grand Canal Shoppes is first-rate. Remember that the prices will reflect the quality of the Venetian Hotel. If you want attractions, the Venetian Resort displays art from the famous Guggenheim Museum from New York City’s Upper East Side. This is the place where the ritzy people go, so expect a fair amount of snobbery and don’t expect your snobbery to get noticed much. You won’t have to worry about smoke in the casino, if that’s important to you. The Venetian is an absolutely huge place — one of the biggest in Las Vegas — with over 4,000 hotel rooms.
  8. Wynn Las Vegas – Wynn Las Vegas is only for high rollers, so don’t consider this hotel unless you have a lot of money to throw around. Wynn Las Vegas Resort and Casino is where the rich go to be pampered, and there are 22 amazing eating establishments in the hotel complex. You can watch tv while you bath, which is just one glimpse at the opulent vacation you’ll spend in the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel. This place has a top-rate service staff that compares favorably with most any staff in the city. They treat you like royalty at the Las Vegas Wynn.

The Perfect Las Vegas Hotel

Hopefully, you’ll read the highlights and one of these will sound like the perfect Las Vegas Hotel for you, Sid. Each one could be the answer to the question, what is the best hotel in Las Vegas? Again, this is a subjective question, but I think we covered most of the angles when it comes to deciding factors about which is the best casino in Las Vegas.

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