Where Are the Best Places to Honeymoon?

What are the best places to honeymoon?

Modern Bride magazine published the results of a poll about the best honeymoon vacation spots.

Here are the 10 best places to honeymoon and a few notes about each destination.


It’s a cliche to say you’re going to Hawaii for your honeymoon. But stereotypes exist for a reason. This is the number one Honeymoon destination because the word Hawaii is synonymous with luxury, beauty, and relaxation. Whether you want long walks on the beach, thrilling watersports and activities, or great food and drink, Hawaii’s the perfect spot for a honeymoon.


Romantic but affordable, and European without the snobbery, Italy is a great place for a honeymoon much like Hawaii is. You can have such a wide range of experiences. Italy is full of great destinations for travel, from historic Rome and Vatican City to the Italian Alps and nearby Switzerland.


The Modern Bride Survival Guide

The Modern Bride Survival Guide

Spas, cruises, crystal clear water, and perfect temperatures year round? Who wouldn’t want to spend their honeymoon in such a place. Tahiti is all about activities, from diving and fishing to golf and even taking in a show at the Hippodrome. If you’re looking for an active and sun-filled Honeymoon, check out Tahiti.


Named for its long eel-like shape, Anguilla is a new hot spot for honeymoons. Located in the Caribbean southeast of the Virgin Islands, Anguilla is known for its unspoiled natural beauty and wide variety of outdoor and romantic opportunities. Fantastic duty-free shopping accompanies the standard island watersports to create a dream honeymoon spot.


Fiji is a country made up of 322 smaller islands. Honeymooning in Fiji means staying in one of the most romantic locations in all of the South Pacific. Few tourists visit Fiji compared to the tourist levels on other tropical islands, so that means your honeymoon will be unique. Also, you won’t be bumping into Americans around every corner.

St Lucia

Located northwest of Barbados, St. Lucia is an island that has equal cultural influence from the British, the French, and native peoples. This means the island is a kind of melting pot of food, fashion, and languages. You can enjoy swimming in the beautiful waters of the eastern Caribbean during the day and have romantic meals for two at night. St. Lucia is one of the great under-hyped Caribbean islands.


Honeymoons in Mexico are fun because of the incredible value of the American Dollar versus the Mexican Peso. You can still have amazing meals, fancy drinks, and all the tourist trappings that come with a warm climate and lots of beaches . . . but you do it spending a lot less money in the process.

St Bart’s

This is the shortened name of Saint Barthélemy, an island with a distinct French influence from food to culture. St. Bart’s is unique because it also has a Swedish influence, having been a protectorate of Sweden for some time. St. Bart’s is a playground for the wealthy, featuring lots of fancy restaurants and high-end shopping.


It isn’t all reggae and tropical drinks in Jamaica (though reggae and tropical drinks do usually make for an amazing Honeymoon) — this large island country is a commonwealth of England and has all the charm of a colonial Caribbean island. 1.3 million tourists visit Jamaica each year, so you know the island knows how to cater to visitors.


When you think of love, passion, and romance, you think of France. French is the language of love, after all. Your French Honeymoon can be so many things, from wine tours and museum visits to walks in the countryside and lots of great home cooking. If you are looking for a romantic European Honeymoon, it is hard to do better than France.

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