Where Are the Best Places to Propose?

Where are the best places to propose?

If you have  a little cash saved away you can make your proposal really memorable.

Here are the ten best places to propose, according to me:

1. The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is a monument to love that outlasts life. If you propose in the early morning or late evening hours, you’ll avoid the overcrowded Taj Mahal atmosphere and the white marble of the monument will glow with the sun’s rays.

2. Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls has been synonymous with romance for decades. Niagara Falls offers massive waterfalls and romantic walks. It’s a popular honeymoon hotspot, but doubles easily as a proposal site. The negative ions produced by the roaring water is reputed to be a powerful aphrodisiac. So if you aren’t sure if your partner will say “Yes” — simply take them where the rushing water will get them in the mood.

3. The Eiffel Tower

Is anything more romantic than Paris? Is any spot in Paris more romantic than this soaring tower? Countless lovers, including famous people like Tom Cruise, have used the Eiffel Tower as a proposal site. Time your proposal to match one of the gigantic and impressive light shows that happen every night.

4. Venice

The World's Greatest Proposals

The World's Greatest Proposals

This Italian city is the Paris of the Mediterranean. If you’re proposing in Venice, you should arrange a gondola ride through the narrow canals of Venice, or you could make it a grander adventure by coasting through the Grand Canal. Either way, book one of the city’s serenading gondoliers and enjoy musical accompaniment for your proposal.

5. Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Not many people know about this spectacular spot. If you hike over to the eastern edge of this tiny island you can pop the question at a spot called the Cliff of the Dawn. This is the first bit of Mexican soil to see the sun rise. Look around for another delight, a small Mayan temple built for none other than the Goddess of Fertility. Que romantico.

6. The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is better known as a family vacation spot, but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying it as a proposal spot. The Grand Canyon offers plenty of spots to choose from for your proposal. Consider a hike to the bottom of the canyon for camping, or consider taking a hot air balloon ride or helicopter ride for the proposal.

7. The Las Vegas Strip

If you and your partner are the active social type, a Las Vegas proposal could be perfect for you. Las Vegas has no end of potential proposal sites, from a gondola ride at the Venetian to helicopter rides over the strip — your imagination is the only limit.

8. A nationally-televised sporting event

How much more romantic can you be? If you and your partner are big sports fans, you can work it out ahead of time to put your proposal on the Jumbotron (for a hefty fee most likely) and have your proposal shared with thousands and thousands of fans. And don’t forget the millions of people watching at home.

9. The site of your first date

No matter how difficult it is to find the location of your first date or how expensive it may be to fly the two of you there, popping the question where the two of you first awkwardly held hands is the most romantic proposal idea you can imagine. If you can somehow get your future spouse to that spot without them knowing, so much the better.

10. Anywhere

Most people can’t jet off to the Taj Mahal or Chichen Itza at a moment’s notice. That’s why the best place to propose to your future spouse is anywhere at all. Get down on one knee in line at McDonald’s or after a church service one Sunday. The point of getting engaged isn’t to do it in a fancy way, just to do it. The fact that the two of you just got engaged will help convince your partner that you’re a true romantic.

For more ideas, take a look at The World’s Greatest Proposals. (If you buy a copy of it via Amazon, then we make a tiny commission, too.)

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