Where Can I Find a Map of Las Vegas Hotels?

Whether you want to find an online map of Las Vegas hotels or real life hand map of the hotels of Las Vegas, the following information should help you locate what you’re looking for. I’ll start by directing you to some of the best websites to find internet Las Vegas maps, then move on to the best fold-out maps and travel guides to Las Vegas.

Las Vegas Online Maps

If you want to find online maps of Las Vegas hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, go to Vegas.com and search through their handy internet maps of Las Vegas. If you’re looking for hotels on the Strip, you can simply visit Las Vegas Hotel Maps. This gives you a nice overview of all the casino hotels on the Las Vegas Strip, such as the Bellagio, Circus Circus and Mandalay Bay, as well as some of the other landmarks along the Strip, such as the Las Vegas Outlet Center and the McCarran International Airport.

Las Vegas Map at Travel Site

Another place you can find a map of Las Vegas is Travel.com. Go to their “travel guides” section and place “Las Vegas, NV” into the search function, or simply follow the links to Las Vegas. This will bring up a nice color map of the city of Las Vegas, with numbered icons to point the way to the most important sites in Sin City. Use the “+” or “-” function in the top left of the map to magnify the size of the map, so you can see Las Vegas in whatever detail you want. There are also four gray directional arrows in the north, south, east and west portions of the map, which allows you to range over the entire Las Vegas area.

You can search using this map by neighborhood, with the following options: Las Vegas Boulevard, Off The Strip, Fremont Street, Boulder Highway, Paradise Road, West Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, East Las Vegas and Airport Area/Southeast. You can also search hotels according to “hotel class” or “price range”. On top of all that, you can use the “restaurants” or “things to do” buttons to get even more ideas for your trip to Las Vegas.

Mapquest Map of Las Vegas


You can find a similar map of Las Vegas at the Mapquest website by visiting the Mapquest Map of Las Vegas page. This map is similar to the Travel Map of Las Vegas in many ways, but I included both because various readers will find the different details and usability better on one or the other site.

Like the Travel Map, there is a zoom function in the top-left hand corner of the map. You can zoom in or zoom out on the map of Las Vegas, just by clicking the plus or minus buttons. You can also search the nearby shops and businesses according to “popular categories” like restaurants, bars, movie theaters, hotels, coffee or pizza.

In fact, those non-tourists who want a map of Las Vegas to study can look up not only “Las Vegas hotels”, “Las Vegas motels”, “Events in Las Vegas”, “vacations in Nevada” and “flights to Las Vegas”, but also real estate, jobs, schools, insurance and new homes in Las Vegas.

You might be asking yourself, “Where Can I Find a Map of Las Vegas Hotels That I Can Hold in My Hands?”

Buying a Las Vegas Map

If you want a map of Las Vegas in your hand, you can print a map from Mapquest, Travel or the Vegas site. If that isn’t enough for you, then you can buy quality maps of Las Vegas from a variety of different places. Let me list off a number of companies which offer a Las Vegas map.

  • Road Atlas Clark County & Las Vegas Map – If you are unsure where to go and where not to go in Sin City, this map actually gives you information on how to avoid the bad parts of Las Vegas. This is one of the most complete maps of Las Vegas.
  • Rand McNally Las Vegas Map – Rand McNally has a popout map that’s good for kids or adults alike. Rand McNally is one of the first names in map making.
  • Insight Las Vegas Map – This is a solid laminated map, so you don’t have to worry about getting stains and spills on the Insight Vegas map.
  • Lonely Planet Las Vegas Map – This map specializes on the local attractions and restaurants of the city. If you want to find an inexpensive night’s sleep or the best strip club in Las Vegas, this is the map for you.
  • AAA Las Vegas Map & Spiral Guide – Another great guide to Las Vegas, though this is going to be a bit more hand-sized. Great for someone driving into Las Vegas.
  • Thomas Guide Las Vegas & Clark County Map – Maps don’t come just as single foldouts. You can buy a map in a travelers guide book such as the Thomas Guide. A travel guide gives amazing detail and insight into the city you’ll be visiting.

Map of Las Vegas Hotels

If you want to buy one of these maps of Las Vegas, either go to Amazon.com and enter the key words you need (example: thomas guide las vegas) or go to the website associated with each map producer. Make sure to order you map in plenty of time for your trip. Give any website 2-3 weeks to get the map to you, or Amazon a week. Expedited shipping will cost more, but get the map to you in a rush. If you buy a used map off Amazon, gives it more time, because that’s a third-party seller. Most of these maps and travel guides are fairly cheap, so money shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

With all of these map options, I’m pretty sure the reader should be able to find a map of Las Vegas hotels suited to their needs and tastes. Enjoy your trip to Las Vegas, folks.

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