Where Can I Find Cheap Backpacker Travel Insurance?

Finding cheap backpacker travel insurance isn’t always the best plan. Finding good backpacker travel insurance at an affordable price is a better option. If that’s what you mean, I’ll try to direct you in the proper direction.

If I were looking for cheap coverage for “backpacker travel”, I would first start with the list of United Kingdom online insurance companies that offer backpacker travel insurance, or the companies that insure British backpack travelers. It’s more common to see students and youths from the U.K. and Europe to “backpack” across Europe, so there are naturally more companies which cater to backpackers’ insurance needs. Given more competitors in the field, the prices are lower, in order to attract customers. Also, they tend to collect more customers, which naturally keeps prices down, since insurance firms don’t have to overcompensate in case of that one client with catastrophic insurance needs.

The key to the question “How do I find cheap backpacker travel insurance”, therefore, is to find the most competitive backpacker insurance companies. Let’s compare some of the insurance provider rivals.

Columbus Direct – European Backpacker Insurance

A standard backpacker policy from Columbus Direct Insurance covers cancellations (£3,000), curtailment (also £3,000), medical expenses up to £5,000,000, personal accident up to £10,000, travel delay costs up to £100, lost baggage costs up to £1,500, personal liability up to £1 million, and legal expenses up to £10,000. This comes to £10 per premium, which is what I would call a cheap backpacker travel insurance plan. Keep in mind that one British £ is roughly equivalent to $1.43 at present, so you can get a robust backpacker insurance plan for about 9 or 10 days for around $15. Even college students who tend to work part-time jobs and have to deal with spiraling tuition and book fees can usually afford fifteen dollars. Consider the kind of coverage you’re getting and realise it’s well worth making that investment.

World Nomads Insurance – U.K. Insurance Company

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Compare Columbus Direct to World Nomads Insurance, which offers standard single-trip travel insurance for around £38. This travel insurance plan for 1-week includes cancellation of travel plans, accommodation expenses and tuition fees up to £5,000, curtailment of the same expenses up to £5,000, emergency medical expenses up to £3,000,000 (but not covering pre-existing medical conditions), emergency dental treatment up to £300, funeral expenses abroad up to £5,000, loss or passport of travel document fees up to £600, lost baggage and personal belongings costs up to £1,250 and personal liability up to £2,000,000.

This is really a fair comparison, because this isn’t a backpacker travel insurance plan from World Nomads. But this does show the average cost difference in a backpackers travel insurance plan and a standard travel insurance plan of the same duration. It also shows the different packages you are buying for each plan.

How Do I Find Cheap Backpacker Travel Insurance Online

If you are reading this reply, you’ve decided to search for cheap backpacker travel insurance on the internet. That means you’re probably going to continue searching for the best backpacker insurance online. I would suggest you compare prices, services/package plans that are offered and the background of the company offering the travel insurance. If you can, look to see who the underwriter of your backpacker travel insurance is. If it’s someone like AIG or Lloyd’s of London, you know you’re dealing with a respectable company. Check to see how often companies come up in your searches and pay attention to customer feedback (not on that company’s home site, of course). Once you get an idea about the insurance company you’re considering buying from, you’ll know whether their cheap backpacker travel insurance is worth buying in the first place.

I would suggest to students they should always by backpacker travel insurance. You are going to be in a strange country with different food and food preparation techniques than you are used to, and you might not have immunities built up for the native microbes. Most important, your standard insurance might not cover trips out of your home country. That means you are at a heightened risk of contracting disease, while having less medical insurance coverage than normal. Affordable backpacker travel insurance is a great way to buy a backup plan for your travels.

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