Where Can I Find Cheap Travel Insurance?

Cheap travel insurance is easy to find, though I would warn you not to select the cheapest insurance just for the sake of getting a cheap travel insurance plan. One of the options a few spots down the list might be a few £’s or $’s extra and offer twice the coverage. So take your time and be selective to find the travel insurance just right for you.

When finding cheap travel insurance, you need to keep a few factors in mind. First, figure out what your normal medical insurance doesn’t cover. If you are traveling outside your home country and your health care insurance doesn’t cover accidents or medical emergencies outside your country of residence, then you must find travel insurance to cover your full potential range of medical needs.

Second, if you are more concerned about the normal risks of traveling, select a travel insurance plan that covers travel emergencies like cancelled flights, cancelled cruises, lost or delayed luggage or stolen money or credit cards. Search around and find the companies that focus on these aspects of your single-time vacation or trip, if your standard medical insurance covers all your travel medical needs.

Finally, when selecting a cheap travel insurance provider, make certain the company you buy form is legitimate. While most of the online travel insurance companies really offer solid travel insurance, you’ll occasionally find a scam artist with no intentions of honoring their policy. Don’t fall into this trap, because the only time you’ll know you’ve been scammed is when you need that insurance money the most.

If you want to check an insurance company’s track record, simply Google that company’s name and the word “Scam”. This should give you an idea what former customers of that insurance provider think about their insurance experience. While there are always going to be disgruntled customers, if you see a pattern of dissatisfied posters online, this is a sign that something isn’t right. Check out any travel insurance firm before you pay your hard-earned money, but pay particular attention to those who offer “cheap travel insurance” or “the cheapest travel insurance” packages.

Cheap Travel Insurance Online


One place to find a comparison of travel insurance companies is Money Super Market. This page compares over 80 different travel insurance policies from over 70 different travel insurance providers, ranking them from the cheapest to most expensive. You’ll also see important coverage details for each plan, such as medical expense coverage, personal liability coverage, cancellation insurance and lost or delayed baggage compensation. Prices range from £6.70 to £117.68 currently, so you get a wide range of travel insurance premiums.

Some of the companies featured in this comparison of cheap single-trip travel insurance includes bigger names like Columbus Direct, Halifax, Endsleigh Travel Insurance and American Express Travel Insurance, or some obscure travel insurers with whom I’m not familiar (though I know a little something about travel insurance companies). You can also submit inquiries for annual travel insurance (also known as multi-trip travel insurance) or backpacker travel insurance, or you can place inquiries about family or group packages.

Shopping Travel Insurance Tips

So when you ask “Where can I find cheap travel insurance?”, don’t be satisfied buying the first cheap policy you find online. Be sure to follow the shopping travel insurance tips we’ve listed here. If it’s important enough that you think you need travel insurance, then it’s important enough for you to spend 30 minutes or an hour online researching which are the best places to buy cheap travel insurance. With a little bit of critical examination of the travel insurance companies and a solid idea of the travel insurance needs you have, you can find the best travel insurance for you — and cheap travel insurance at that.

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