Alabama Wineries & Winery Tours

Wineries have begun springing up in Alabama since the discovery of the fruit of the region and its refined taste. Alabama is not usually the first place that pops into your mind when you are looking for fine wines, but serious wine consumers are quickly discovering the unique flavor that is the product of Alabama wineries. The muscadine grape that is at the heart of the flavorful wines in Alabama has at its origin the regional scuppernong grape. The white grape takes its name from the Scuppernong River that flows through the region.

Alabama is a wonderfully diverse state that is open to outdoor enthusiasts and wine lovers alike. The ideal season to visit Alabama wineries is in January and this is also the best time to camp in the region. Touring the wineries while hiking the fabulous trails in the region takes you through some of the mountainous terrain in the state where the wineries make their home. The combination of beautiful scenery and fine wines make a trip through Alabama wine country a great choice for your next holiday.


A lovely family vacation is possible when traveling through this spectacular part of the country. The kids will enjoy the fabulous hiking trails while mom and dad can tour some of the wineries to sample some of the finest Alabama wines. Southern hospitality is on full display at Alabama wineries where the hosts of the wineries work to make the experience one to remember.

Alabama wines will please the serious wine lover with elegant selections. The fruit wines in the region should not be missed as well. A trip through the Alabama wineries would not be complete without a sampling of a southern peach wine or some of the other unique flavors. Alabama offers scenic trails, southern hospitality and some of the finest wines in the country.

Maria’s Vineyard

3940 Fortner Street

Dothan AL 36305


Wills Creek Vineyards

10522 Duck Springs Road

Attalla AL 35954