Colorado Wineries & Winery Tours

In the 1970s, the wine industry experienced a boom and Colorado wineries exploded right along with the rest of the world. Colorado wineries have experienced tremendous growth in the last decade, but grapes have been cultivated in the Grand Valley since the late 1800s. The census of 1899 shows that Colorado produced 1744 gallons of wine and harvested almost 600,000 pounds of grapes.

Colorado is the last place that many people think of when they consider wineries. The high elevation and extreme winter weather would seem to make growing grapes impossible. However, the growers in Colorado have developed a technique that not only allows grapes to survive, but thrive under these less than ideal conditions. Since the late 1800s, grape growers in Colorado have developed methods to help their grapes survive and produce fine wines for the world to enjoy.

Some wineries in the area claim that the higher elevation and dryer air give their product a unique flavor that is not available any other place on earth. The Colorado wineries believe that the grapes that survive a Colorado winter contain all of the ideal characteristics of the finest wine making grapes.


Today there are many wineries for the wine lover to tour and enjoy. Some Colorado wineries may offer tours and host special events. It is best to check in advance to find a winery that is open to tours. Serious wine lovers can enjoy the spectacular scenery in Colorado while sampling some of the fine Colorado wine. The wineries are located all over the state in various regions. Festivals and tasting events are happening throughout the state. June and July kick off the summer wine tours in the state with countless festivals and celebrations that feature entertainment along with a great sampling of Colorado wines and foods. Enjoy the history of Colorado grape growers and wineries.

Grande River Vineyards-Field Office

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Plum Creek Vineyards Company

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Vineyard Management Inc

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