How Can I Eliminate Some of The Clutter Around My House?

Clutter around the house is a problem most people I know face. People tend to be pack rats. They don’t like throwing away the items they collect. People fear they might need old bills or pay stubs later and don’t want to throw away something important. For various reasons, people allow clutter to build up in their home and office. But when you eliminate some of the clutter around your house, you not only make yourself more efficient, but you create an all-around better home environment.

Ways You Can Eliminate Clutter

So here are some ways you can eliminate clutter without throwing away personal items you need. Toss out what you don’t need (which is most of what you have) and keep what’s essential.

  1. Start With the Bills – We tend to keep old bills and financial records much longer than we need them. Remember, if your creditors decided you need to pay bills, they’ll send you more of them. Keep bills in one location and don’t keep them for more than 3-6 months at a time. Don’t keep your tax records beyond three years, because unless you’re a big time tax evader, the IRS is unlikely to go back more than three years to have you pay taxes. Get rid of everything else. This will eliminate a lot of clutter from your home office.
  2. how-eliminate-clutter
    Get Rid of Catalogs
    – Old catalogs and magazines are just taking up space. After a while, they start to get dog-eared and become a real eyesore. There really is no reason to keep old catalogs in your home. Collect everything that’s beyond a few months old and get rid of it. Be honest with yourself if you haven’t read some of your old magazines. Are you ever going to read them? If not, throw them away.
  3. Clean Out the Refrigerator – Before you go to shopping for more groceries, throw out the old ones that are cluttering your refrigerator. I bet you’ll find a lot of old food and condiments that you’ll never eat. If they are old and unused, throw them out. Not only does this give you a survey of what you really need, but removing clutter every week or two keeps your fridge clutter from getting out of hand.
  4. Wash Clothes Regularly – Have one day of the week you wash clothes. If you really want to be fastidious, wash one load of clothes per day. Either way, don’t let dirty clothes pile up on you. Unwashed clothes encourage mold and mildew and creates unseemly clutter. Nothing looks worse than having dirty clothes laying around your house when a guest arrives. Wash regularly, so clothing clutter doesn’t dominate your house. Speaking of clothes, let’s discuss the old clothes in your closet.

How Can I Eliminate Some of The Clutter Around My House By Giving Away My Clothes?

You’ll inevitably build up a wardrobe of clothing that needs to be culled every once in a while, perhaps every year. You have perfectly good clothing that you’ll never need, because a shirt or parts are either a little too small or a little too big or just not our color once we get them out of the light of the department store. For whatever reason, you have clothes that sit on the bottom of the drawer or hang at the end of your closet rack. If you don’t wear them and aren’t going to wear them anytime soon, it’s time to pack up your old clothes and give them away to charity. Giving cloths away to charity is another great way to eliminate clutter around your house.

  1. Collect Storage Boxes – Collect storage boxes from the attic or a local business. If you don’t have any storage boxes, you can buy cardboard boxes from local moving companies. Get enough boxes to comfortably fit your excess clothing, so you can handily pack them up and take them to Goodwill or some local charity.
  2. Cull Your Wardrobe – Either wear your clothes or get rid of them, because they’re clutter otherwise. If the appropriate season passes without you wearing an item of clothing, you need to get rid of it. Collect everything you aren’t wearing and box it up. Take these boxes to a clothing charity. There are plenty of shirts and pants that you’ll never use, but someone else will make good use of.
  3. Select Clothes That Aren’t Right For You – When getting rid of clothes, consider getting rid of high maintenance clothes that you don’t wear because they are too much trouble. Get rid of clothes that don’t appear to be your style, your fit or your color. If a shirt hangs off of you in an unattractive fashion, it might not do the same for the next person who owns the shirt. Everyone has different body types and clothes aren’t made to fit everyone.

Preventing Clutter Around The House

The simplest method of preventing clutter around the house is this. Once you have your home free of clutter, make certain it doesn’t build up next time. Throw away one bad purchase per day. Set up your bills online for automatic payment, which will cut down on some of the paperwork that builds up. Clean up clutter as you go and you won’t have to go through the process of eliminating clutter around your house ever again.

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